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Written by on February 10, 2014

Art and Design senior Ali Albiani is Open Science Cafe winner

Ali Albiani describes herself as a left-handed graphic designer and adventurer who lives life to the fullest. She’s a senior studying Art+Design with a concentration in graphic design. Her passions include “incorporating design in combination with technology, science, startups, fine art and Spanish.” She’s also the leader of our first Open Science Cafe!

Open Science Cafe is designed to inspire and empower students to make their own Cal Poly Science Café event with the researcher, thought leader or creative mover and shaker of their choice. This is an opportunity to gain project management experience from start (concept and development) to finish (implementation and assessment) with a mentor (that’s me). The event can relate to any discipline; it doesn’t have to be about science.

In addition to a $3,000 event budget, students receive a $500 stipend for their leadership. Here, Ali tells us a bit about what she has planned.

Ali, tell us about your winning proposal:

Imagine an exhibition with several computer screens and large projections displaying the most current events in the world through interactive diagrams, maps and charts.

Steve Duenes, Graphics Director for The New York Times, manages a multidisciplinary team of 30 journalists who create the informational graphics for both the print and online editions of The New York Times. Their innovative work brings complex news stories to life through clear and effective visualizations.

In Snow Fall: the Avalanche at Tunnel Creek—published in late 2012—images, videos, maps, and motion graphics result in an interactive experience for the reader, who is transported to the site by reporter John Branch’s incredible story. The result is a sensational and seminal work of multimedia journalism.

During this Science Cafe event, the audience will have an opportunity to hear about Steve Duenes’ career trajectory and how his liberal arts background informs his work, which combines new media, writing, science and statistics. He will discuss how The New York Times graphics department approaches visual journalism and the audience will have the opportunity to experience and interact with some of the graphics he and his team have published.

Photo of Albiani

Ali will design and host Open Science Cafe 2014 with Steve Duenes from The New York Times.

What are you most excited about as the selected designer and host of Open Science Cafe?

Science Cafe is an incredible opportunity to invite Steve Duenes, who lives across the country, to lecture at the happiest place in the U.S., San Luis Obispo. I am most excited to share with the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo communities someone who exemplifies Learn by Doing and collaboration!

There are always areas to learn from with each experience. I hope to increase my knowledge about event planning as this the largest event I will have ever planned. From Steve, I seek inspiration and advice for pursuing and working in the competitive and innovative field of UX design. As a graduating senior, his guidance will help me be better prepared for my job search. I believe that a broad audience will be interested in what Steve has to offer as a creator of interactive news graphics and multimedia journalism.

I look forward to sharing my overall experience with others and seeing how Science Cafe events like this continue to develop in the future!

Read more about Cal Poly Science Cafe at Kennedy Library.

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  1. Roy says:

    Ali, congratulations! This is an amazing program and I’m sure CalPoly students will appreciate!

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