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So. Many. Events.

Welcome back Mustangs! Kennedy Library is hitting the ground running this quarter with a lot of fun, unique events coming up. In January and February, the library will be holding a variety of events about topics from biofuels to love stories. With so many events and topics being discussed, there is an event for everyone.

January 13: Visualizing History with GIS

You might be wondering what GIS is, and I have the answer for you: geographic information systems. Clear things up?

If you are not a geography major and do not know what geographic information systems means, it is basically a way of understanding and visualizing geographical data through the use of a map.

At this event Anne Kelly Knowles, Professor of Geography at Middlebury College, will be speaking about how GIS can reveal unknown facts, patterns and relationships about historic events. She will be talking about events like the Battle of Gettysburg and the Holocaust.

This event will take place on January 13 from 2:30-4pm in the Data Studio on the first floor.

January 30: Unlocking the Energy Secrets of the Planet

Have you wondered about alternative energy? Have you ever considered biofuels as an energy source?

This Cal Poly Science Cafe event welcomes Kathleen Krueger, STEM Teacher and Researcher Program (STAR) fellow who studied fungi at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Kathleen will talk about her research of fungi as an energy source. She will also talk about other potential sources of energy, like rocks and feedstocks.

This event takes place on January 30 from 11-12:30pm on the second floor. Light refreshments will be served.

February 7: Conversations with Cal Poly Authors: Jody Lisberger with Debra Valencia-Laver

Join us to discuss Jodi Lisberger‘s new book Remember Love a collection of love stories. Jodi is associate professor and director of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at University of Rhode Island. She also received the Susan Currier Visiting Professorship for Teaching Excellence from Cal Poly for 2013-2014.

Debra Valencia-Laver, associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts and a professor in the Psychology & Child Development Department, will join Jodi at this event to discuss the book.

This lovely Cal Poly Authors event will take place on February 7, from 10-11:30am in room 111H on the first floor. Refreshments at this event, too.

February 14: A Map for the Future: Measuring Radiation Levels 

Looking for something else to do this Valentine’s Day besides the usual? Then you are in luck! Join us for Cal Poly Science Cafe with Yoh Kawano, the UCLA GIS Coordinator, who will talk about explosion in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan after the major earthquake in March 2011. This explosion caused 100,000 people to be evacuated from the surrounding area. They were not allowed back until April 2012, raising the question: how safe is it to live there?

Yoh will bring a device he and a team of researchers have developed to use GIS in the measurement of radiation levels on February 14 from 11-12:30pm in the cafe area on the second floor. Yes, refreshments.


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