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Written by on October 1, 2013

Discover what open access means to you at Open Week 2013

What does open access mean to you and your teaching and research?

Find out at Open Week 2013, a series of events from Oct. 17-24 designed specifically for Cal Poly as part of the global Open Access Week movement. Join us to explore the issues, ask questions and learn together at workshops and events. For a complete schedule of speakers, go to our calendar.

What does open access mean?

First, what does open access even mean? Piled High and Deeper (PhD Comics) explains in an animated video, Open Access Explained!

In short, it’s about making research available for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Open data, copyright, authorship and more

Kennedy Library’s Open Week 2013 includes sessions on data management, copyright and student authorship, how to access open datasets in different disciplines and more. Speakers include faculty, students and campus guests. One series features Carly Strasser, PhD, Data Curation Specialist at the U.C. Curation Center at the California Digital Library.

Here are the topics of her three talks:

The Future of Scholarly Research & Communication Will Be Open

The DMPTool: Helping You Create Great Data Management Plans

Data Management for Researchers: Tips, Tools, and Why You Should Care

Marisa Ramirez, Digital Scholarship Services Librarian and Library Liaison to Campus Administration, will lead an interactive session to help you determine what copyrights you have, what these rights protect and how you can share your work with the world without giving up these important protections.

Read more about the session: Know your rights! Copyright and student authorship.

Cal Poly Science Cafe on open prototyping

In the spirit of open and sharing, Cal Poly Science Cafe brings you Urban Prototyping! From pilots to projects.

At this event, meet Josette Melchor, the Founder and Executive Director of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), a “diverse community of coders, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and civic leaders that believe in the potential for creatively applied digital art and technology to transform society.” The community believes in interdisciplinary collaboration and shares what they make on Instructables, so that others can adopt them.

Josette will be joined by George Zisiadis, an interactive artist who recently installed “Pulse of the City” in Boston. They will discuss the GAFFTA urban prototyping model and how open urban prototyping can lead to pilots and pilots to products, across the country and throughout the world.

Student to student

Students are welcome at every event offered at Open Week 2013. In a session designed just for them, Lauren Young, Cal Poly students and Kennedy Library LibRAT will lead the session, Because we are livin’ in an open world: a student’s role in the open movement. She will discuss open access and its role in students’ academic future.

We believe in open

Kennedy Library believes in open. We look forward to exploring all the reasons why with you. For a complete schedule of speakers, go to our calendar.


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