Photo of artist book called Pyramids by Herodotus and Susan Allix

Written by on September 16, 2013

Kennedy Library’s vine series features artists’ books from special collections

We’ve got artists’ books! They’re cared for with love in Special Collections, where they get the white glove treatment. Lately, they’ve also been getting their time in the limelight, as the stars of a summer series on Vine.


In Special Collections, Laura Sorvetti has been working with students to share the unfolding poetry of these unique works of art. They are taking on the challenge of trying to share these amazing works in 6 seconds or less! So far they’ve documented a dozen artists’ books at Cal Poly in the #artistsbooks series.

Below is the summer series and some inside notes on who you see and hear in the short videos. Follow us on Twitter @reklibrary for more.

You can also see the Book Arts in Special Collections online or come to Room 409 in Kennedy Library to see artists’ books in person.

Finally, here’s the post that introduced the series, which we started in June, 2013.

The very first Vine, that launched the series (and stars Laura):

In the spirit of Fourth of July:

A farewell thank you to Peter Runge, the outgoing head of special collections and archives, who loves to surf (and who you see here):

Starring Zach Vowell, our new digital archivist:

Hear the new communications and public programs student assistant, Rachel Scott, read a part of the poem. Don’t forget to click on the little speaker in the left corner:


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