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Written by on September 30, 2013

Be a part of it! Launching new science and math student journal

This post is written by Lauren Young, fourth year biology student, LibRAT and chair of SLAC. Lauren will be (meta)blogging about how she is working this year to combine her love of science and writing, in her preparations for a career in science communication. These preparations intersect with her deep involvement with and many valuable contributions to Kennedy Library.

Since June, I have been collaborating with Digital Scholarship Services Librarian Marisa Ramirez and professors of the College of Science of Mathematics (COSAM) on an exciting new project called Symposium: Student Journal of Science and Mathematics.

What is Symposium?

Symposium is a new student-written and student-run academic journal. The journal will promote discussion on the science topics the students of the College of Science and Mathematics (COSAM) investigate in their classes, labs and senior projects.

Symposium will provide Cal Poly students new and exciting opportunities that will allow them to connect with:

  • students
  • faculty
  • future employers
  • scientific ideas

Bringing the idea to life

Like many great programs that exist on Cal Poly campus, Symposium started off as an idea. Little did I know how much energy this idea would need to get it off the ground.

After three grueling months of running around campus for meetings, looking up everything there is to know about undergraduate academic journals, and banging my head against my keyboard on the fifth draft of the project’s aims and scopes, I can finally say that this idea is actually happening.

If you’ve been hanging around Clyde P. Fisher Building or Science North, you may have already caught a glimpse of Symposium’s flashy new logo created by Public Relations Director of Symposium Natalie Rich. Indeed, all the hard work paid off when Natalie sent me Symposium’s logo because that’s when it really hit me: I’m going to be the Editor-in-Chief of an academic journal.

How many undergraduate students get to say that? Not many.

You can be an editor too!

Symposium seeks more student involvement and input. Editorial Board positions are open to students of all colleges and majors.

For more information and to join the team, come to Symposium’s first Informational Meeting this Tuesday, October 1st at 11:10 am in Fisher Hall, 33-289. All majors are welcome!

Leading such a big project like Symposium can feel like I’m being catapulted into mountain of stress sometimes. But, in my past three years at Cal Poly I have never had so much fun and made so many connections building a project that will benefit my college, my university, and my classmates (present and future).

I can’t wait for what’s in store for Symposium and to get feedback from students. If you can’t make Tuesday’s meeting, drop a comment below to tell me what you think of Symposium or email moc.liamgnull@muisopmyspc for additional information or questions.

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