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Written by on June 26, 2013

Using Vine to share the library’s artists’ books

Artists’ books! There are so many reasons to love them. One, because they are hand-made. Two, because they are hand-made in very limited quantities. Three, because there is no one way to read them.

They welcome your interpretation!

So says Laura Sorvetti, special collections assistant and board member of the Book Club of California. She is working closely with Victoria Billings, communications and public programs student assistant (recent graduate, really) to creatively share the artists’ books we have at Cal Poly in an #artistsbooks series on Vine. With any luck, they’ll be working with you, too, through your suggestions of what you want to see from the collection.

These beautiful objects can range in price anywhere from $100-$3,000. So, since many of us don’t have an artists’ books budget, this is one free way to experience them and share a physical book virtually.

How to interact with artists’ books

“So much of what’s important about books is how you interact with them,” Laura said. Each one is its own experience.

Of course, Special Collections provides access to these artists’ books to everyone who comes to the fourth floor department in Kennedy Library. But not everyone can, and this is a way to share a physical object virtually and find others out there who appreciate and are interested in the art.

“In the #artistsbooks series on Vine we’ll show you how we interact with the books. Of course, if you want to come in to the department and find your own way to interact with them, you are most welcome!”

Six seconds of interaction on Vine

We launched this project together to showcase the incredible creativity and diversity of the artists’ books in Special Collections and hope that six seconds of video will give you an idea of their ingenuity and beauty. That said, it’s not just about our enthusiasm!

Tell us which artists books you want to see

Other lovers and admirers of artists books can request which books from our collection that they’d like to see in the series. Let us know via Twitter @reklibrary. Tell us what you want to see from our collection!

Watch the series on Vine or follow us on Twitter for a new artist book every week this summer!

Learn more about the amazing artists books at Cal Poly in Special Collections.

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  1. Rachel Henry says:

    Arch, Slideshow, and Erratum: brief interruptions in the waste stream all sounded interesting, though it’s hard to say how a description matches an object.

  2. Karen Lauritsen says:

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for making a request. We featured Arch by Students of Scripps College:


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