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Written by on April 24, 2013

We’re growing! More voices from Kennedy Library

We’ve got podcasts, videos and now, more voices! It’s been just over a year since we launched Kennedy Library Out Loud. Setting out, one of our primary purposes was to share podcasts and videos – unique content from library events and exhibits – that feature the faculty and students of Cal Poly, and we’re doing that. Just click on the podcasts category and our Vimeo and you’ll see.

Another purpose was to share stories from Kennedy Library. This has become the mother of all categories, because stories are happening all the time — most of which we’ll never know about in terms of the work students, faculty and others are accomplishing with the people and stuff we offer. As for the ones we can capture, they are inspiring. They feature student employees accomplishing big things, staff digging through the archives, and librarians doing outreach in ways that are totally unique to them (like via watercolor).

Jan and Jeanine, on books and data

Now, we’re lucky to welcome Jan Kline and Jeanine Scaramozzino.  Jan is a Reader (notice the capital R) who writes compelling book reviews that can help you decide your next read. We migrated her whole blog, Sensible Shoes (since 2007!) to this space where she will continue evaluating popular pages.

Jeanine is busy with all things data, and will keep us informed about the big data world. You can read more about both Jeanine and Jan on our “About” page.

Plus, Conny! Walking us through the web redesign with Patrick

That’s not all… Conny Liegl, our brave web designer, is updating the library’s website this year with a power team. She’s also a new voice here. Together with Patrick Kammermeyer, who has been busy on the back end of this blog since the beginning, they’re writing about the process of redesigning our website and offering helpful guidance for those who may embark on the same adventure.

Welcome Jan, Jeanine and Conny!

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