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Reinventing the library website

Perhaps you’ve heard it through the grapevine. Or maybe you have participated in our ongoing user studies. You may have even sketched your ideal library website for us. All of these are the telltale signs of a project afoot, right?


Recent statistics and student surveys have revealed to us that it’s time to raise the bar for our library website. As part of that effort, we’ve established a Web Steering Committee (David Beales, Glen Beebe, Sarah Cohen, Carl Hunt, Patrick Kammermeyer, Karen Lauritsen,  and chair Conny Liegl) to address some of the goals and challenges in our process.

We’ve set several high-level goals for this project. But just to give you a sense of where we’re headed, we’ve cherry-picked 3 of those goals:

  • The website should offer a cohesive message to the users and reflect the mission and voice of Kennedy Library/Cal Poly. We want to empower you and spark your ideas!
  • Improve functionality including room reservation, group finder, better search, and intuitive maps.
  • Improve mobile support, and make use of responsive design. We want to take our design to another level using new standards in web design.

In general, we want to do a better job at informing you about: what you can do in the library, how we can help with your research projects, and how we can make you more successful in your studies.

Stay tuned at Kennedy Library Out Loud as we continue to chronicle the redesign process and keep you apprised of our ongoing efforts to reinvent the library website.

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