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Judy Blume eyes (episode 7)

Happy Banned Books Week, everyone!

This is episode 7 of 12.

In episode 7 “Judy Blume Eyes,” Kristen and I cover the first lady of anticensorship, Ms. Judy Blume, and the four books of hers that appear on ALA’s Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of 2000-2009.

Judy Blume has been speaking out against censorship since the first time an anonymous caller told her she was a communist for writing Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Why yes, that is ridiculous.  Judy Blume wrote about a 12-year-old girl dealing with 12-year-old girl things: periods, bras, crushes, spirituality, and how religious beliefs fit in to it all.  Through books like Are You There God?, Forever, and Blubber, she has given a voice to generations of girls growing up in America.

What’s your favorite Judy Blume book?  Let us know in the comments, and then go check out our infographic on Banned Books Week at Kennedy Library’s Banned Books Week hub.

–Michele Wyngard

Books we discuss:

  • Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, #99 on the Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of the last decade
  • Forever, #16
  • Tiger Eyes, #87
  • Blubber, #43


To learn more about Judy Blume, check out her official website.

and these  edifying editions:

Doyle, R.P. (2010). Banned books: Challenging our freedom to read. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

Foerstel, H.N. (2002). Banned in the U.S.A: A reference guide to book censorship in schools and public libraries. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.


This podcast series, I’m with the Banned features personal conversations between Michele and Kristen, a reflection of their year of reading and research. They, like the Kennedy Library, hope you are inspired to have your own conversations to explore ideas around these complex topics.


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