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Written by on April 12, 2012

And the Pitch Perfect awards go to…

Together with Orfalea College of Business, the Pitch Perfect 60-Second Student Video Competition prizes were announced on Tuesday, April 10. Any day that involves the awarding of giant checks is a good day! The best part was being able to surprise students: The friends who won the Fan Fave prize ($500) didn’t know that the committee had also awarded them two additional prizes, Best of Orfalea ($500) and Best Overall ($1,000). The three prizes together totaled $2,000!

Orfalea’s Dean Christy highlighted the strengths of each of the winning videos when we screened them in the library’s atrium. We started with “Sanctuary” by Andrew Mai (LAES), which won Most Cinematic ($500). The video tells Andrew’s story of starting out as a Mechanical Engineering student, but then switching to pursue film. In his video he shows how his relationship with the library has evolved according to his needs:

Andrew said that he’s looking forward to buying more camera equipment with his winnings. Awesome!

Next, we screened “Study Meets Play” which was well-liked by students and ultimately won the President’s Pick ($750). The video is an awesome feat of sound, music and editing and is totally catchy. It was produced by Ruben Custodio (GRC):

Dean Christy mentioned how impressed he was by the way the filmmakers brought in the melody in Ruben’s video.

We then moved on to the final three awards which went to “Why We Love Kennedy Library” by Darryl Williams (BUS), who brought friends and collaborators Jarred Houston and Maurice McClure with him. Not only did the video show a sense of humor, but it creatively highlighted the many services the library offers. Here is the video that won Fan Fave ($500) with 400+ votes on the Kennedy Library Facebook page, along with Best of Orfalea ($500) and Best Overall ($1,000):

I had the chance to ask Darryl, Jarred and Maurice a few questions about what they love about Kennedy Library, as inspired by the video’s title:

– Darryl loves the third floor because he finds his classmates there at the tables, working on the same project. They then find ways to work together.
– Jarred loves the intensity of the 24-hour room, which he described as an arena at crunch time, filled with students working away.
– Maurice’s favorite spot is in the computer labs.

How did their journey to the 4th annual student video competition begin? Via email, when a friend told Darryl about the Pitch Perfect contest and said he’d be perfect for it. Turns out that this isn’t the first video Darryl has made, so his friends were familiar with his creativity and skill with the camera.

Darryl told me he enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what he could get done in one minute (the time limit on the videos). “I come to the library when I need to get something done fast,” he said. Darryl knew he could tell a funny story about what the library has to offer based on his personal experience.

As for Jarred and Maurice, they told me they’re down for collaborating on whatever projects Darryl wants to be involved in!

You can see everyone accepting their awards on Kennedy Library Flickr.
Watch all the videos on Kennedy Library’s Vimeo Channel.
Read more about our competition on Kennedy Library’s Pitch Perfect Official Web Site.

— Karen Lauritsen

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