Written by on July 23, 2010

Summer reading lists

summer-reading-533.jpgNow that summer is more that 33% gone, it might be a good time to consult a few summer reading lists. Here are a few I stumbled across.

UC Berkeley compiles a reading list for their incoming freshmen each year. The list is based on faculty and staff suggestions, and centers around a theme: this year, it’s Education Matters. It includes everything from The Autobiography of Malcolm X to The Five Stages of Greek Religion to a title about the killings at Virginia Tech.

Leaving academia, here’s a list from a patron of New York Public Library. The branch librarian begged her for it, and swears she’s a reliable source for good fiction.

NPR has some interesting categories: Fun in the Sun: laugh out loud summer books, Beakers to Beaches: summer’s best science books, and Zombies and Giant Squid: summer’s monster hits. NPR’s complete list is here.

photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

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