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GE A1-A3 Library Instruction Request Form

Please fill out this form to ensure a response. Contact Kaila Bussert, ude.yloplacnull@tressubk, if you have any questions.

Library Research Workshops Menu

Introduce students to library research and information literacy skills at the foundational level (first year and sophomore). Workshops are 50 minutes.*

Orientation Workshop: Kennedy Library Scavenger Hunt (50 minutes)

In this workshop we introduce new students to Kennedy Library’s books, technology, services and study spaces using a fun and competitive scavenger hunt game. It is recommended for new students in Fall and Winter, early in the quarter.

Research Workshop (50 minutes)
Pre-Workshop Homework: Research Notebook

In this workshop students learn how to search Kennedy Library’s databases strategically and identify the best sources to use for their research assignment. Students should have a topic in mind and complete the Research 101 Tutorial & Notebook prior to the workshop so that we can answer students’ individual research questions during the workshop. The Tutorial provides an introduction to the steps of the research process in six self-guided online lessons. The Notebook guides students through the process of exploring and searching for sources on their chosen topic.

English 149 Workshop (50 minutes)

In this workshop we provide instruction on databases and search strategies tailored to English 149 assignments. It is recommended that students are directed to the Research 101 Tutorial if they have not received library instruction in another course.

Customized Workshops (50 minutes)

Please request at least two weeks in advance. Taught by librarians and specialists, and based on availability. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Finding and Citing Images
  • Finding and Using Data
  • Data Visualization

*For two-hour classes, we will reserve a library classroom for the entire period and schedule the workshop in the first hour with time in the second hour for individual research help.