Friday, April 15th at 3pm. Technology has reached a point where we can now effectively merge man and machine. We call these Bionic devices Exoskeletons and have designed devices to help augment a soldier’s ability (HULC) as well as a device that allows paraplegics to standup and walk again (eLEGS).

What will be the future implication of these Bionic suits? How will they integrate into everyday life?

Featured Speaker

Russ Angold
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Berkeley Bionics
Cal Poly Alumnus (BRAE ’00)
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Tom Mase, Faculty Moderator
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly SLO

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Quality of Life Plus at Cal Poly
Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at Cal Poly

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Watch Russ in the HULC

Russ Angold demonstrates the HULC exoskeleton at Cal Poly Science Café from Kennedy Library on Vimeo.