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Call Number TitleAuthor
J 1.8/2:P 96 (INTERNET) Americans with Disabilities Act : ADA title III technical assistance manual, covering public accommodations and commercial facilities. United States. Department of Justice. Disability Rights Section, author.
J 26.2:G 94 (INTERNET) Guidelines for the successful transition of people with behavioral health disorders from jail and prison Blanchard, Alex M., author.
J 26.2:L 41/5 (INTERNET) Increasing analytic capacity of state and local law enforcement agencies : moving beyond data analysis to create a vision for change
J 26.2:R 24 (INTERNET) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Byrne Competitive Program--July 2009--December 2012 : final report Steyee, Jimmy, author.
J 28.15/2:D 44/3/2012 (INTERNET) Making sense of DNA backlogs, 2012 : myths vs. reality Nelson, Mark (Mark Stephen), author.
J 28.2:M 58 (INTERNET) National Institute of Justice in short : thirty percent of migrant laborers in San Diego experience trafficking violations.
J 29.15:C 85/5 (INTERNET) Measuring the prevalence of crime with the National Crime Victimization Survey Lauritsen, Janet L., author.
J 29.2:SE 9/3/2012 (INTERNET) Sexual victimization in juvenile facilities reported by youth, 2012 Beck, Allen J., author.
J 29.2:SE 9/5/2011-2012 (INTERNET) Sexual victimization in prisons and jails reported by inmates, 2011-12 : National Inmate Survey, 2011-12
J 32.2:C 43/12 (INTERNET) Report of the Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence United States. Department of Justice. Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence, author.
J 37.2:R 25 (INTERNET) Reference checking in the Department of Justice [electronic resource] United States. Department of Justice. Evaluation and Inspections Division.