Gifts Help Support the Kennedy Library

From Kennedy Library’s 2011 Annual Publication (15.54 MB)

Private gifts provide Cal Poly and the Kennedy Library with vital resources for maintaining our learn-by-doing tradition. You can help shape the future of the Kennedy Library through a single contribution, an endowment or a planned gift.

Current tax laws provide incentives to encourage private support of organizations like Cal Poly. Strategic selection of the most appropriate gift vehicle can lead to a far more significant contribution to Cal Poly than you ever envisioned.

The Kennedy Library greatly appreciates our donors, and wants you to hear from a few of them. Here is why these individuals decided to invest in the Library.

Match Your Gift!

Will your employer match your gifts to Cal Poly?

Hundreds of corporations support employee philanthropy with a matching gift program, and some companies will even match gifts from spouses and retirees.

Find out more: Giving Web Site

Matching Gifts Specialist: Linda Stark (805)756-2713

Meet Jerry Veiluva, Arch’69
Architect and Vice President, Hayashida Architects

Jerry Veiluva credits his Cal Poly education with giving him the opportunity to study in the Department of Architecture with some of the best professors in the nation and to succeed as an architect. “I greatly valued my education, and knowing how state budgets affect education, I felt a responsibility to give back to the university that had given me so much.”

In considering a gift to the Library, Veiluva talked with Library staff and did some research on the web site. “What a wonderful resource for students — one-on-one research assistance and research guides created by college librarians, online tutorials, exhibits and science cafes for students and the community, and overall support for our academic programs,” he said.

The charitable gift annuity provided a vehicle for Veiluva to contribute to the library, and it also offered numerous tax benefits. In addition to his life income gift, Veiluva is a supporter of the Department of Architecture.

Meet Carol and Jay Devore
Professor-Emeritus and former Chair Cal Poly Department of Statistics

Jay and Carol Devore established the Devore Endowment for Statistics Collection to benefit both the Library and the Statistics Department. Administered through the Kennedy Library, this endowment was developed to help acquire statistical materials and information resources for the department. “It is difficult to keep up with the cost of new materials, and we want to provide those materials to our students and faculty.”

“The library is my favorite part of a college campus, and it is often undervalued,” said Devore. “As a faculty member, I served multiple terms on the University Library Committee, working closely with Cal Poly librarians. These interactions gave me additional insight into the needs of and problems faced by the Library.”

In addition to the Kennedy Library, the Devores support the Joyce Curry-Daly Scholarship Endowment in the Statistics Department. They are also donors to Cal Poly Arts and will co-sponsor the production of the Philharmonic of Poland next March. “We understand firsthand the needs of nonprofits, and the importance of outside funding, as our daughter managed a small non-profit in New York City.

Meet the Zarrinkelk Family
CPA, Zarrinkelk, Kashefipour & Co.

Majid and Sohaila Zarrinkelk appreciate the education their son, Yasha, is receiving as a civil engineering student, both through his classroom experiences, as well as his involvement in extracurricular activities. As a result, they funded the Zarrinkelk Family Scholarship which benefits a student in the College of Engineering.

Deciding to support library student assistants was a natural addition to their giving plan. They chose to support the new Library Research Assistance Technician (LibRAT) program by creating a named position. “The LibRAT concept of training students as researchers and helping others is an ideal way to teach them the importance of giving back,” said Zarrinkelk

“As the first generation of immigrants from Iran, the idea of giving back to the society that has given us everything is a priority. Educational institutions are the training grounds that allow our children to grow and succeed. What could be more important that giving to these institutions?”