Library Values Statement

The Kennedy Library has been engaged in a strategic planning process that began last March. As we develop and refine our mission and goals, we would like to share with you our values statement.

From Kennedy Library's 2009-2010 Annual Publication (11MB PDF).

Our motivation:
Value the scholar in everyone.
The library is committed to valuing the scholar in everyone by demonstrating a culture of service, collaboration, innovation, community, and inclusive excellence.
We embrace our role as educators and as a "common good" providing excellent service to support instruction and create an effective research environment.
We inspire excellence by creating a dynamic learning and teaching environment that uses a polytechnic perspective to help shape the future.
We foster an atmosphere of collaboration, by being the catalyst for discovery, engagement, and partnerships that support learning.
We contribute to the intellectual and cultural life of campus by serving as a hub for scholarly and creative academic engagement across all our communities.
Inclusive Excellence:
We encourage inclusiveness by promoting understanding, learning, respect, and appreciation of all people represented at Cal Poly and beyond.