In addition to the Gallery at the Commons on the second floor, used for its major fall and spring exhibits, Kennedy Library offers the campus community several smaller gallery and display spaces.

These spaces offer students, current and former faculty and staff attractive public spaces to share projects and artwork in a relatively informal setting. These spaces are ideal for display of two-dimensional selected creative works by students or faculty, informational displays relating to research at Cal Poly, and similar projects that are relatively limited in scope.

Currently these spaces include:

  • Community gallery — Located under the stairwell near the library’s main entrance, the gallery is a modern, innovative display space for students and the community to showcase their work in a variety of ways. Artwork can be installed with magnets on glass boards, displayed on a digital monitor, or framed and hung from the gallery rail system.
  • Café gallery — Located in the second floor Learning Commons, this space includes two area galleries – one near Julian’s Cafè and the other in the larger lounge area. Both spaces feature gallery rail systems and track lighting and are suitable for framed two-dimensional works. Artwork must be ready to mount with wires attached.
  • Promotional display space — The library has a small display case and bulletin board that can be reserved for campus event and student club information, at the top of the second floor landing.