Passwords and Logins

How do I reset my Cal Poly password?

Go to the Cal Poly Portal¬†and then to the “Personal Info” tab.

How do I log in to a computer?

  • In the computer labs:
    • Use your Cal Poly user name and password
    • Your user name is your Cal Poly email without “”
  • Other computers in the Library:
    • Use your Cal Poly user name OR you can log in as a “guest.”
    • The number on the label on the top right of the monitor is both the user name and password. It is case sensitive and contains dashes. For example: lib-217d-27

Why did I get an error message when I tried to log in to a computer?

  • If the error message is: “Pharos: The username and password could not be authenticated against servers.”
    • This means you entered your user name or password incorrectly or that your Portal password had gotten “out of sync” with your active directory password.
    • The solution is to reset your password from the Portal ( from a computer using a guest log in (see prior question).
  • If more than one user sees an error message stating that the “Domain is Blocked” or “Account is Locked”
    • This is usually a system-wide error and not peculiar to a specific computer or user.
    • Notify the PolyConnect supervisor (Jane) or call 6-1189 to report this error.
  • If error message is: “You cannot use this computer, you already have an active session on computer xx-xx-xx.”
    • This means you logged in to a computer, did not log off and someone else is using your CalPoly login.
    • You can find that computer, ask the user to log off or find another non-PolyConnect computer and log in as a guest.