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Hi All,Timesheets: Please turn these in by this FRIDAY!

Finals Week Schedule (6/8-6/12): Please double check that none of your final exams conflict with your work schedule. If you do need a shift to be covered, please let me know ASAP.

Pre-Finals Week Extended Hours: There are 3 open PoCo shifts listed below to help cover extended hours in the library before finals week. Please let me know if you can grab any! The Google calendar is updated accordingly.
Friday, 6/5: 6pm-12am
Saturday, 6/6: 6pm-12am
Sunday, 6/7: 9am-10am Covered by Cameron

Past Emails on Website: If you haven’t noticed already, there is a new dropdown menu on the PolyConnect Student Resources page. You’ll find a link to a fully searchable Google doc with my weekly emails to you. This document is totally searchable, so if you can’t remember what policies I’ve changed recently regarding…let’s say markers, you can search the entire document for “markers” and you should be able to easily locate the information you need. Please check this out during your next shift.

DSLR/GoPro Check-in Checklist: The checklist laminated on the PoCo desk is now posted on the PolyConnect page.

Leaving Notes: If you leave me a note of any sort, please write your name at the bottom!

Faxes: FYI- Cal Poly Print & Copy in the 24-hour room provides faxing services for students at a very small cost.

Monitor Wipes: Please don’t use these for cleaning any of the laptops or iPads. Use the cleaning cloths and spray for that. The monitor wipes are for cleaning desktop monitors in the labs.

Summer/Fall Work Schedules: I’ll be sending a Google form survey later this week requesting your summer and fall schedules. I’ll be asking you to update your personal Google calendars then as well. Please don’t email me your schedules, it’s too hard for me to track.

Thanks and have a great 4 day week!

Sarah Sayeed
Technology & Media Coordinator
Robert E. Kennedy Library
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

***NEW: Past Weekly Email Blasts***

Click here to find a document compiling old email blasts. Use it as a searchable document by using the Find tool:

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