216K - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmYoav RosenbergDynamics Project 1
12:00pm1:00pmYoav RosenbergDynamics Project 1
1:00pm2:00pmYoav RosenbergDynamics Project 1
2:00pm3:00pmBlake DaylorTheta Chi
3:00pm4:00pmBlake DaylorTheta Chi
4:00pm5:00pmBlake DaylorTheta Chi
5:00pm6:00pmAmy WilsonAOE Study Hours
6:00pm7:00pmAmy WilsonAOE Study Hours
7:00pm8:00pmMegan JohnsonWomen in Business
8:00pm9:00pmMegan JohnsonWomen in Business
9:00pm10:00pmMegan JohnsonWomen in Business
10:00pm11:00pmShakti RajputDelta Sigma Pi
11:00pm11:59pmShakti RajputDelta Sigma Pi
216L - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmTess McconnellCal Poly SLO Love Your Melon Crew
12:00pm1:00pmBrian GouldsberryCrown
1:00pm2:00pmBrian GouldsberryCrown
2:00pm3:00pmHaree DahyaMustang Consulting
3:00pm4:00pmHaree DahyaMustang Consulting
4:00pm5:00pmHaree DahyaMustang Consulting
5:00pm6:00pmKendall GassnerAlpha phi
6:00pm7:00pmKendall GassnerAlpha phi
7:00pm8:00pmKendall GassnerAlpha phi
8:00pm9:00pmKatelyn Van WinkleChi Omega
9:00pm10:00pmKatelyn Van WinkleChi Omega
10:00pm11:00pmKatelyn Van WinkleChi Omega
216M - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
12:00pm1:00pmAaron YenKX
1:00pm2:00pmAaron YenKX
2:00pm3:00pmAaron YenKX
3:00pm4:00pmZachary LudolphFMA-CCC
4:00pm5:00pmZachary LudolphFMA-CCC
5:00pm6:00pmJanessa Madarangrush meeting
6:00pm7:00pmMarlo CastroGamma Phi Beta
7:00pm8:00pmMarlo CastroGamma Phi Beta
8:00pm9:00pmMarlo CastroGamma Phi Beta
9:00pm10:00pmAshley WaltersSmarty KATs
10:00pm11:00pmAshley WaltersSmarty KATs
11:00pm11:59pmAshley WaltersSmarty KATs
216N - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmCharlie GelsDelta Tau Delta
12:00pm1:00pmCharlie GelsDelta Tau Delta
1:00pm2:00pmMckenna LewryGamma Phi Beta
2:00pm3:00pmMckenna LewryGamma Phi Beta
3:00pm4:00pmMckenna LewryGamma Phi Beta
4:00pm5:00pmJohn CorotisPolyRents
5:00pm6:00pmScarlette WhittedAlpha Gamma Delta
6:00pm7:00pmScarlette WhittedAlpha Gamma Delta
7:00pm8:00pmScarlette WhittedAlpha Gamma Delta
8:00pm9:00pmKim ClemonsEquine reproduction
9:00pm10:00pmChase RobinsonDelta Sigma Pi
10:00pm11:00pmChase RobinsonDelta Sigma Pi
11:00pm11:59pmChase RobinsonDelta Sigma Pi
216P - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmMikaela TostaSigma Alpha
12:00pm1:00pmMikaela TostaSigma Alpha
1:00pm2:00pmMikaela TostaSigma Alpha
2:00pm3:00pmAlex ChengMATH-153 Office Hour
3:00pm4:00pmMollie ZechlinAssociation for Women in Math
4:00pm5:00pmMollie ZechlinAssociation for Women in Math
5:00pm6:00pmMollie ZechlinAssociation for Women in Math
6:00pm7:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
7:00pm8:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
8:00pm9:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
9:00pm10:00pmKatelyn DietzKappa Kappa Psi- AG Study Hours
10:00pm11:00pmKatelyn DietzKappa Kappa Psi- AG Study Hours
11:00pm11:59pmKatelyn DietzKappa Kappa Psi- AG Study Hours
216Q - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmMatt FaganBUS 436 Case Destroyers Flexing Emoji
12:00pm1:00pmSierra ReganAlpha O
1:00pm2:00pmSierra ReganAlpha O
2:00pm3:00pmSierra ReganAlpha O
3:00pm4:00pmMaria RosignuoloThe Republic
4:00pm5:00pmMaria RosignuoloThe Republic
5:00pm6:00pmMaria RosignuoloThe Republic
6:00pm7:00pmKim ClemonsEquine reproduction
7:00pm8:00pmKim ClemonsEquine reproduction
8:00pm9:00pmDavid EllisonDelta Tau Delta
9:00pm10:00pmDavid EllisonDelta Tau Delta
10:00pm11:00pmDavid EllisonDelta Tau Delta
216R - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
12:00pm1:00pmMeg FukamakiTAGA
1:00pm2:00pmMeg FukamakiTAGA
2:00pm3:00pmMeg FukamakiTAGA
3:00pm4:00pmBtangtomatoes and potatoes
4:00pm5:00pmBtangtomatoes and potatoes
5:00pm6:00pmBtangtomatoes and potatoes
6:00pm7:00pmMichael Is My NameLEEK house
7:00pm8:00pmMichael Is My NameLEEK house
8:00pm9:00pmMichael Is My NameLEEK house
9:00pm10:00pmSally Lummmmtelly tubbies
10:00pm11:00pmSally Lummmmtelly tubbies
11:00pm11:59pmSally Lummmmtelly tubbies
216S - Sunday, February 7, 2016
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmJonathan ZawadaSocial Psych
12:00pm1:00pmJonathan ZawadaSocial Psych
1:00pm2:00pmKailey SanchezSigma Kappa and Friends
2:00pm3:00pmKailey SanchezSigma Kappa and Friends
3:00pm4:00pmKailey SanchezSigma Kappa and Friends
4:00pm5:00pmRobert WeberSigma Pi
5:00pm6:00pmRobert WeberSigma Pi
6:00pm7:00pmRobert WeberSigma Pi
7:00pm8:00pmOlivia SolariArchitecture Nerds
8:00pm9:00pmOlivia SolariArchitecture Nerds
9:00pm10:00pmJames LosackPhys 133 Group
10:00pm11:00pmJames LosackPhys 133 Group
11:00pm11:59pmJames LosackPhys 133 Group