216K - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
10:00am11:00amDavid MorrissetCLDC
11:00am12:00pmDavid MorrissetCLDC
12:00pm1:00pmChris WaldenCPATS
1:00pm2:00pmChris WaldenCPATS
2:00pm3:00pmChris WaldenCPATS
3:00pm4:00pmKatelyn C Van WinkleAmerican Medical Student Association
4:00pm5:00pmKatelyn C Van WinkleAmerican Medical Student Association
5:00pm6:00pmScarlett FiveyTheta
6:00pm7:00pmScarlett FiveyTheta
7:00pm8:00pmScarlett FiveyTheta
216L - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
9:00am10:00amTanner JollySLAGs
10:00am11:00amTanner JollySLAGs
11:00am12:00pmTanner JollySLAGs
12:00pm1:00pmKyle AustinTrophy Club
1:00pm2:00pmKyle AustinTrophy Club
2:00pm3:00pmKyle AustinTrophy Club
3:00pm4:00pmJonathan SchafferJonathan Schaffer
4:00pm5:00pmJonathan SchafferJonathan Schaffer
5:00pm6:00pmTess FillmanESC Study Session
6:00pm7:00pmTess FillmanESC Study Session
7:00pm8:00pmTess FillmanESC Study Session
216M - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmDerek NolaThe Lunch Bunch
12:00pm1:00pmDerek NolaThe Lunch Bunch
1:00pm2:00pmDerek NolaThe Lunch Bunch
2:00pm3:00pmLaura Vidalgroup 7
3:00pm4:00pmNatalie SchwebelAIESEC
4:00pm5:00pmNatalie SchwebelAIESEC
5:00pm6:00pmNatalie SchwebelAIESEC
6:00pm7:00pmKristin LeeChi Delta Theta
7:00pm8:00pmKristin LeeChi Delta Theta
8:00pm9:00pmKristin LeeChi Delta Theta
216N - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
10:00am11:00amGabrielle MerkinAOE Study Hours
11:00am12:00pmGabrielle MerkinAOE Study Hours
12:00pm1:00pmGabrielle MerkinAOE Study Hours
1:00pm2:00pmIan PlockyAEPi
2:00pm3:00pmIan PlockyAEPi
3:00pm4:00pmIan PlockyAEPi
6:00pm7:00pmKorinne WallaceKappa Mu
7:00pm8:00pmKorinne WallaceKappa Mu
8:00pm9:00pmKorinne WallaceKappa Mu
216P - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmJoe JenningsConsumer Electronics Society
12:00pm1:00pmLaura Vidalgroup 7
1:00pm2:00pmLaura Vidalgroup 7
2:00pm3:00pmWilliam B. HesselgraveSpecial Linear Group
3:00pm4:00pmLucas TooheyVirtual Space
4:00pm5:00pmLucas TooheyVirtual Space
6:00pm7:00pmBlake WedekindZeta Beta Tau
7:00pm8:00pmBlake WedekindZeta Beta Tau
8:00pm9:00pmBlake WedekindZeta Beta Tau
216Q - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmGiovanni MurilloPSK
12:00pm1:00pmGiovanni MurilloPSK
1:00pm2:00pmGiovanni MurilloPSK
2:00pm3:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
3:00pm4:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
4:00pm5:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
5:00pm6:00pmErica Neagleymeeting
216R - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
10:00am11:00amLauren QuinataLQ Study Group
11:00am12:00pmLauren QuinataLQ Study Group
12:00pm1:00pmLauren QuinataLQ Study Group
1:00pm2:00pmLaura ReaChi Omega
2:00pm3:00pmLaura ReaChi Omega
3:00pm4:00pmLaura ReaChi Omega
4:00pm5:00pmBobbi SolanoBS study group
5:00pm6:00pmBobbi SolanoBS study group
6:00pm7:00pmStephen MarroneKappa Sigma
7:00pm8:00pmStephen MarroneKappa Sigma
8:00pm9:00pmStephen MarroneKappa Sigma
216S - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
8:00am9:00amDat TranSpecific Atomics
9:00am10:00amDat TranSpecific Atomics
10:00am11:00amDat TranSpecific Atomics
11:00am12:00pmJacob SuhDU
12:00pm1:00pmJacob SuhDU
1:00pm2:00pmJacob SuhDU
2:00pm3:00pmAdeola OlayomiTKE
3:00pm4:00pmAdeola OlayomiTKE
4:00pm5:00pmAdeola OlayomiTKE
6:00pm7:00pmShakti Rajputdelta Sigma Pi
7:00pm8:00pmShakti Rajputdelta Sigma Pi
8:00pm9:00pmShakti Rajputdelta Sigma Pi