216K - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
12:00pm1:00pmNathanael WryeMilitry Science club
1:00pm2:00pmNathanael WryeMilitry Science club
2:00pm3:00pmNathanael WryeMilitry Science club
3:00pm4:00pmAlex ChengRobertson Workshop
4:00pm5:00pmAlex ChengRobertson Workshop
5:00pm6:00pmSonia BhogalAIESEC Comms
6:00pm7:00pmBrandon RowleyWildlife Club
7:00pm8:00pmBrandon RowleyWildlife Club
8:00pm9:00pmBrandon RowleyWildlife Club
9:00pm10:00pmDan GelferAEPi
10:00pm11:00pmDan GelferAEPi
11:00pm11:59pmDan GelferAEPi
216L - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmShane SweeneyFrito Lay Project
12:00pm1:00pmShane SweeneyFrito Lay Project
1:00pm2:00pmShane SweeneyFrito Lay Project
2:00pm3:00pmRyan SutardjiFrito Lay
3:00pm4:00pmRyan SutardjiFrito Lay
4:00pm5:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
5:00pm6:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
6:00pm7:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
7:00pm8:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
8:00pm9:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
9:00pm10:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
216M - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
12:00pm1:00pmEmily WongMustang Consulting
1:00pm2:00pmEmily WongMustang Consulting
2:00pm3:00pmEmily WongMustang Consulting
3:00pm4:00pmKyle RosenowAluminum & Co
4:00pm5:00pmKyle RosenowAluminum & Co
5:00pm6:00pmKyle RosenowAluminum & Co
6:00pm7:00pmMunir EltalMSA Board Meeting
7:00pm8:00pmMunir EltalMSA Board Meeting
8:00pm9:00pmMelissa PasaENVE 325 Debate
9:00pm10:00pmMelissa PasaENVE 325 Debate
10:00pm11:00pmMelissa PasaENVE 325 Debate
11:00pm11:59pmAaron DevoeEVNE Debate Swag
216N - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmMatthew HanamotoMatt, Ryan, and Riley
12:00pm1:00pmMarvin LansanganPilipino Cultural Exchange
1:00pm2:00pmMarvin LansanganPilipino Cultural Exchange
2:00pm3:00pmMarvin LansanganPilipino Cultural Exchange
3:00pm4:00pmKathrine MuirheadENVE 325 Debate: Pro Biomass
4:00pm5:00pmKathrine MuirheadENVE 325 Debate: Pro Biomass
5:00pm6:00pmKathrine MuirheadENVE 325 Debate: Pro Biomass
6:00pm7:00pmKevin SteinCPE 349 Study
7:00pm8:00pmKevin SteinCPE 349 Study
8:00pm9:00pmEli SteinbergSNU
9:00pm10:00pmEli SteinbergSNU
10:00pm11:00pmEli SteinbergSNU
216P - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmColleen TaggartAquaPristine
12:00pm1:00pmColleen TaggartAquaPristine
1:00pm2:00pmColleen TaggartAquaPristine
2:00pm3:00pmAlex ChengRobertson Workshop
3:00pm4:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
4:00pm5:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
5:00pm6:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
6:00pm7:00pmAmy ChenEE431_ContactLens
7:00pm8:00pmKatie PepiChi Omega
8:00pm9:00pmKatie PepiChi Omega
9:00pm10:00pmKatie PepiChi Omega
10:00pm11:00pmTeyvon BrooksPSK nation
11:00pm11:59pmTeyvon BrooksPSK nation
216Q - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmJoseph LundeenWine and Viticulture Senior Project
12:00pm1:00pmArena PhaphilomPhil 339 PAS Pro Group
1:00pm2:00pmArena PhaphilomPhil 339 PAS Pro Group
2:00pm3:00pmArena PhaphilomPhil 339 PAS Pro Group
3:00pm4:00pmAnn Ma#1 FA+M
4:00pm5:00pmAnn Ma#1 FA+M
5:00pm6:00pmAnn Ma#1 FA+M
6:00pm7:00pmBrandon VoEPIC
7:00pm8:00pmBrandon VoEPIC
8:00pm9:00pmBrandon VoEPIC
9:00pm10:00pmTyler WongCome on in!
10:00pm11:00pmTyler WongCome on in!
11:00pm11:59pmTyler WongCome on in!
216R - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmStephanie MejiaWOW group 177
12:00pm1:00pmStephanie MejiaWOW group 177
1:00pm2:00pmStephanie MejiaWOW group 177
2:00pm3:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
3:00pm4:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
4:00pm5:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
5:00pm6:00pmAmanda L SotoHealth Communications
6:00pm7:00pmJasmine Ariel ContrerasAMA Executive Board
7:00pm8:00pmJasmine Ariel ContrerasAMA Executive Board
8:00pm9:00pmJasmine Ariel ContrerasAMA Executive Board
9:00pm10:00pmJames HoTheta Chi
10:00pm11:00pmJames HoTheta Chi
11:00pm11:59pmJames HoTheta Chi
216S - Sunday, November 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmHillary PrinceGreen Waves
12:00pm1:00pmHillary PrinceGreen Waves
1:00pm2:00pmHillary PrinceGreen Waves
3:00pm4:00pmAlly PeedWVIT 433
4:00pm5:00pmAlly PeedWVIT 433
5:00pm6:00pmAlly PeedWVIT 433
6:00pm7:00pmStacey OlsonoGCDP
8:00pm9:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi
9:00pm10:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi
10:00pm11:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi