216K - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
9:00am10:00amConnor HanlonCal Poly Mortar Board
10:00am11:00amConnor HanlonCal Poly Mortar Board
11:00am12:00pmJenna CrawfordENVE: Infinite Engineering
12:00pm1:00pmJenna CrawfordENVE: Infinite Engineering
1:00pm2:00pmJenna CrawfordENVE: Infinite Engineering
2:00pm3:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
3:00pm4:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
4:00pm5:00pmAaron YenKappa Chi
5:00pm6:00pmAlex HernandezCal Poly BMDS Team
6:00pm7:00pmLuke StencelKE rm meeting
7:00pm8:00pmAustin RileyKappa Sigma
8:00pm9:00pmAustin RileyKappa Sigma
9:00pm10:00pmAustin RileyKappa Sigma
10:00pm11:00pmCameron RosettaECON 311
11:00pm11:59pmCameron RosettaECON 311
216L - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmSarah VandevertKKG
12:00pm1:00pmSarah VandevertKKG
1:00pm2:00pmSarah VandevertKKG
2:00pm3:00pmDan GelferAEPi
3:00pm4:00pmDan GelferAEPi
4:00pm5:00pmDan GelferAEPi
5:00pm6:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
6:00pm7:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
7:00pm8:00pmMackenzie CarterSigma Kappa & Friends
8:00pm9:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
9:00pm10:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
10:00pm11:00pmAndie SanfillipoSigma Kappa & Friends
216M - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmChristopher BasurtoSocial Sciences Club
12:00pm1:00pmAbraham HoIntuitech
1:00pm2:00pmJohn ChenME 211 study
2:00pm3:00pmBenjamin KleinWestern Civilization Midterm Study Group
3:00pm4:00pmShannon FeilIntroduction to Psychology Study Group
4:00pm5:00pmShannon FeilIntroduction to Psychology Study Group
5:00pm6:00pmShannon FeilIntroduction to Psychology Study Group
6:00pm7:00pmRyan V MorganScribeAmerica
7:00pm8:00pmRyan V MorganScribeAmerica
8:00pm9:00pmRyan V MorganScribeAmerica
9:00pm10:00pmSeung-Yeon Sunny JeongBus 301 Group 5
10:00pm11:00pmSeung-Yeon Sunny JeongBus 301 Group 5
216N - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
9:00am10:00amKatie PepiChi Omega
10:00am11:00amKatie PepiChi Omega
11:00am12:00pmKatie PepiChi Omega
12:00pm1:00pmAlejandra NegreteB.E.L.L.A.S.
1:00pm2:00pmAlejandra NegreteB.E.L.L.A.S.
2:00pm3:00pmAlejandra NegreteB.E.L.L.A.S.
3:00pm4:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
4:00pm5:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
5:00pm6:00pmMichelle LeeChi Delta Theta
6:00pm7:00pmBraxton CullorsSociety of Black Engineers and Scientists
7:00pm8:00pmBraxton CullorsSociety of Black Engineers and Scientists
8:00pm9:00pmJacquelin PattonSWE Team Tech Sensors
9:00pm10:00pmTeyvon BrooksPhi Sigma Kappa
10:00pm11:00pmTeyvon BrooksPhi Sigma Kappa
11:00pm11:59pmTeyvon BrooksPhi Sigma Kappa
216P - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
9:00am10:00amJoyce LinLin Math 143 OH
10:00am11:00amJoyce LinLin Math 143 OH
11:00am12:00pmMolly StitesMagic Markers ECON
12:00pm1:00pmBenjamin KleinWestern Civilization Midterm Study Group
1:00pm2:00pmBenjamin KleinWestern Civilization Midterm Study Group
2:00pm3:00pmBradley ChinOld School Republicans
3:00pm4:00pmBradley ChinOld School Republicans
4:00pm5:00pmWilliam B. HesselgraveSpecial Linear Group
5:00pm6:00pmLiliana LopezBio 123 Group C8
6:00pm7:00pmMateus Seehagen RodriguesCPE123 - Europa
7:00pm8:00pmMateus Seehagen RodriguesCPE123 - Europa
8:00pm9:00pmJake StoneQui bowl
9:00pm10:00pmJake StoneQui bowl
10:00pm11:00pmDeborah NewberryGADDACA
11:00pm11:59pmDeborah NewberryGADDACA
216Q - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
10:00am11:00amCarolyn HoneycuttA.O.E. Study Hours
11:00am12:00pmCarolyn HoneycuttA.O.E. Study Hours
12:00pm1:00pmCarolyn HoneycuttA.O.E. Study Hours
1:00pm2:00pmBart HardwickZBT
2:00pm3:00pmBart HardwickZBT
3:00pm4:00pmBart HardwickZBT
4:00pm5:00pmEthan TietzeSigma Phi Delta Study
5:00pm6:00pmEthan TietzeSigma Phi Delta Study
6:00pm7:00pmEthan TietzeSigma Phi Delta Study
7:00pm8:00pmSavannah Smith123 Game Design
8:00pm9:00pmSonia BhogalAIESEC ER FM
9:00pm10:00pmSonia BhogalAIESEC ER FM
10:00pm11:00pmJesse MarananAlpha Gamma Rho
216R - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
9:00am10:00amNicole BeaudoinChin 101
10:00am11:00amIsabella SarmientoComputer Engineering Society
11:00am12:00pmIsabella SarmientoComputer Engineering Society
12:00pm1:00pmIsabella SarmientoComputer Engineering Society
1:00pm2:00pmKatie Lanfrankissss club
2:00pm3:00pmLiliana LopezBio 123
3:00pm4:00pmWilliam B. HesselgraveSpecial Linear Group
4:00pm5:00pmAmber HarbottleHealthy Living 145
5:00pm6:00pmAmber HarbottleHealthy Living 145
6:00pm7:00pmAmber HarbottleHealthy Living 145
7:00pm8:00pmJesse MarananAlpha Gamma Rho
8:00pm9:00pmJesse MarananAlpha Gamma Rho
9:00pm10:00pmJames C HoTheta Chi
10:00pm11:00pmJames C HoTheta Chi
11:00pm11:59pmJames C HoTheta Chi
216S - Thursday, October 23, 2014
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmKatie PeticolasAirborne - Sense and Avoid UAS
12:00pm1:00pmJoanne LauiGIP
1:00pm2:00pmJoanne LauiGIP
2:00pm3:00pmJoanne LauiGIP
3:00pm4:00pmSummer SantosTeens-in-Action weekly meeting
4:00pm5:00pmSummer SantosTeens-in-Action weekly meeting
5:00pm6:00pmWilliam CharginCPE 123-09.3
6:00pm7:00pmWilliam CharginCPE 123-09.3
7:00pm8:00pmWilliam CharginCPE 123-09.3
8:00pm9:00pmEric SongChristian Students
9:00pm10:00pmEli SteinbergSNU
10:00pm11:00pmEli SteinbergSNU
11:00pm11:59pmEli SteinbergSNU