Quiet study

Quiet floors: 4th & 5th floors

The fourth and fifth floors have been designated quiet study areas in response to consistent feedback from students that they need a quiet environment to focus and study. The Library has posted signs reminding users that these are quiet floors.

Late night quiet study room: 1st floor

One of our late night spaces is also dedicated to quiet study. The late night quiet study room can be accessed around the clock by Polycard holders.

Please be courteous

When you’re on the quiet floors, please keep your cell phone and other conversations quiet and brief, or move to another area of the library.

We can help

Library staff is available to reinforce our expectations of quiet on these floors. Please let us know if other Library users are overly loud on the upper levels.

Need headphones?

If you prefer working on the first, second, or third floors but want to work undisturbed, you may borrow headphones from the Poly Connect Lab (first floor, 114), if you didn’t bring your own, and want to listen to music while you study.