Open Studio

The Open Studio is the center of Cal Poly’s Data Services. Located in Kennedy Library’s Hub24, the space facilitates interdisciplinary exchange of ideas surrounding data as the new text.

Data plays an increasingly important role in scholarly and professional communication. Data literacy, discovery and reuse are growing in importance as skills that will support effective problem solving, innovation, collaboration and other activities across a wide array of disciplines and professions.


The root of the word “polytechnic” comes from the Greek work techne, meaning craft, art or skill. “Poly” (meaning “many”) suggests instruction in many technical arts or applied sciences. The Open Studio fosters a polytechnic atmosphere, providing a collaborative environment that can inspire students to discover techniques for working with information in new and dynamic ways. Just as designers and artists produce original work in studios, Cal Poly students use the Open Studio to create and interact with data in creative, innovative and even beautiful ways.


The resources in the Open Studio give students access to a wide variety of data and allow them to use that data in novel ways. Students can tailor the Open Studio furniture and hardware to their liking to best promote effective teamwork. Through instruction, collaboration and hands-on experience, students are able to direct their own learning and explore familiar topics in new ways.


“Impossible” challenges can often be met through wise use of quality data. Having the right data and the right analytical and visualization tools and using them effectively calls for critical thinking and creative solutions. The resources in the Open Studio give students the skills and capacity to meet the challenges of the future and create innovative resolutions: Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing philosophy in action.


Using tools in the Open Studio, students are learning to communicate their information in new ways. The creative space encourages involvement with data in a deeper and more profound way than most students and researchers have experienced before. A shared space encourages students to share their ideas and visions and become part of a larger data-savvy community.

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