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Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! I have so many updates for you, so I’ll get straight to them…

Open Shifts: If you are interested in picking up any more hours for the rest of the quarter, there are still lots of open shifts marked in the Google calendar! Please let me know if you’d like to pick anything up. We also still need coverage for only this Sunday from 10am-2pm. Please let me know if you can grab it!

Shift Changes: If you are still crashing classes and need to change your schedule, please let me know ASAP.

PolyConnect Hours: We are now closing on Monday-Thursday at  midnight, instead of 2am. Closers will still help clear the 2nd floor at 11:45pm. If you need a refresh on how to close the 2nd floor, please ask the night supervisor at the circulation desk.

3 Hour Checkout: In the past, we have been ending checkout of 3-hour items about 3.5 hours prior to closing. We did this in order to make inventory a bit easier, but now PolyConnect hours have been reduced and we need to continue checking out laptops in the evening. So- we will now be checking out 3-hour items up until closing time. If you check out a 3-hour item any time after 9pm, the time due will be set to midnight (or 6pm when closing on Friday and Saturday.) Feel free to tell the patrons to return the items by 11:40pm at the latest, since closers still need to help circulation with clearing out the library. If a patron doesn’t return the item by closing, they’ll have to return it in the morning and they will be fined. If you are a closer, please let me know if you have any questions about this!

Security Guards: We will now have a security guard (hired by the library) helping to close the library on Monday-Thursday. They will also patrol the new 24-hour area on the 1st floor from midnight to 6am. These guards are not trained at all for checking any items in. Students cannot return checkout items to the guard in the middle of the night.

New 24-Hour Area: The 24-hour area on the 1st floor has expanded! In addition to the original 24-hour area (the front room, quiet study room, and PolyConnect lab), the 24-hour zone has expanded to include the newly designed room 111, the space in front of the main elevators, and the bathrooms by the main elevators. FYI- 111H and 111C will be closed at midnight. Please do a walk-though of the space during your next shift!

Adobe Acrobat Pro: We are having problems getting Adobe Acrobat Pro to open properly. If a student is trying to print a PDF, have them open the document in Adobe Acrobat DC instead.

New Printers: The PolyCard printers have been replaced with a brand new model, so our toner/imaging drums are different now also. Changing toners/imaging drums is a slightly different process but still pretty self-explanatory.

New Computers: All of the computers on the 1st floor, including PolyConnect lab, are brand new! All of these stations also now have dual monitors! They are all running our virtual desktop software and Windows 10. Please let me know or place a service ticket if there are any issues. FYI- instead of ‘logging off’, Windows 10 has changed the terminology to ‘Sign off’.

Bathroom Renovation: The 1st floor bathrooms at the front of the library, near the Print & Copy office, are still being renovated. They will open in a few weeks as single stall gender neutral bathrooms!

New Study Rooms: There are 4 new study rooms on the 1st floor: 2 in 111 and 2 in the front room near Print & Copy. There are also 8 new study rooms on the 3rd floor in the Architecture reading area. All of these rooms have large displays with HDMI cables to connect to. These new rooms are all first-come first-served.

3rd Floor Printer/Copier: The printer and copier on the 3rd floor have been moved a few feet outside of the copy room where they were originally located. Their new location is in the same space as all of the large green tables on the 3rd floor, near the staff lounge. That copy room will be turned into a nursing room for mothers in the next few months.

One Button Studio is Moving: The One Button Studio recording room will soon be moving from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor just behind PolyConnect.  We will eventually check out the key for the OBS at PolyConnect, since students were often abusing the technology in the room. It will still need to be reserved on the library website.

Welcome our New Students: We have lots of new student assistants this quarter! Please make Leo, Charlie, Ben, Erin, John, and Tommy feel welcome when you see them. They did great during our week of training before school started, but I’ll definitely still need your help in getting them up to speed. Thanks a ton for your help with training.

Thanks all and have a great start to Fall quarter!!! So happy to see you all again.

Sarah Sayeed
Technology & Media Coordinator
Robert E. Kennedy Library
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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