Passwords and Logins

How do I reset my Cal Poly password?

Go to the Cal Poly Portal and then to the “Personal Info” tab.

How do I log in to a computer?

  • In the computer labs:
    • Use your Cal Poly user name and password
    • Your user name is your Cal Poly email without “”
  • On ‘Public’ computers in the library

Why did I get an error message when I tried to log in to a computer?

  • Error message: “Pharos: The username and password could not be authenticated against servers.”
    • This means you entered your user name or password incorrectly or that your Portal password is “out of sync” with an active directory password. The solution is to reset the password from the Portal ( or contact Campus ITS at 805-756-7000 for help resetting your password.
  • Error message: “domaine is blocked” or the “account is locked.”
    • This usually means all computers in the library are locked. Alert a Computer Support Assistant (PolyConnect or Learning Commons desk) if you see this message. If this happens in the evening or on the weekend, users may have to wait until the account “unlocks itself” which may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Error message: “You cannot use this computer, you already have an active session on computer xx-xx-xx.”
    • This means that you are logged in to another computer in the library. Perhaps you did not log off earlier today and someone else is using your login. You can find that computer, ask the user to log off or find another non-PolyConnect computer and log in as a guest.