Laptop Computers

The computer is frozen and/or the screen is black, what should I do?

Most computer problems can be fixed by restarting the computer. BEFORE you restart, remember that all files will be deleted once the computer is shut off. To perform a “hard” re-start hold down the power button until the computer completely powers off. Wait 10 seconds, and then turn the computer back on.

The laptop is asking for a user name and password, what should I use?

Laptops are set to “auto log-on” and do not require a user name and password. Restart the laptop. Do not enter your Cal Poly user name and password.

I can’t find an opened document that was attached to an email, where did it go?

Open the program (Word, Excel, etc.) and look in “Open Recent” documents. If not there, select the LibLabs-lap shortcut on desktop and look in My Documents. If not there your document may have been saved to a temporary Internet file and cannot be retrieved.

Why am I seeing an error message about an expired software license?

First, make sure laptop is connected to the Internet, then open a browser to be sure. Many programs need to connect to a license server to operate. If you still can’t access a program, ask a Computer Support Assistant.

My personal laptop cannot connect to the Internet, what’s wrong?

Make sure that the wireless switch is turned on. If that doesn’t work, restart laptop and try again. Make sure you have configured your laptop using instructions for your laptop’s operating system found here:

If that doesn’t work, contact Cal Poly’s ITS Service Desk located in building 46. The Service Desk hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Their phone number is 805-756-7000 and their web site can be found here: