Checkouts and Equipment

What equipment is available for checkout?

The following equipment can be checked out from the PolyConnect desk:

  • PC and MacBook Pro laptop computers
  • laptop chargers, computer mice, and headphones
  • DSLR cameras, GoPros, and tripods
  • voice recorders
  • calculators, video adapters
  • assistive mouse, keyboard, and headset

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Where else can I check out equipment?

Classroom Technology (formerly MDS) has boatloads of equipment available for checkout. They have offices in Buildings 2 (Education) and 10 (Ag Erhart.)
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Do you have adapters to connect a Mac laptop to a classroom projector?

Yes, we do.

Where are the scanners and how do I use them?

There are four scanners on the 2nd floor near the Reference desk. There is also one scanner on the 3rd floor of the library near the Architecture books.

If you need assistance, a Computer Support Assistant from the PolyConnect desk can help you.

Where can I find a stapler, 3-hole punch, tape, etc?

1st Floor
2nd Floor
Research Help
Scissors X X
3-hole Punch X X
Pencil Sharpener X X
Paper Cutter X
Tape X  X
Stapler X X
Large Stapler X  X
Scanner X

Is there a copy machine in the Library?

There are two coin operated copy machines on the 1st floor, in the Hub 24 area near the Cal Poly Print & Copy office.

Is there a fax machine in the Library?

There is a fax machine at Cal Poly Print & Copy on the 1st floor.