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Hey hard-working POCO crew!

Just a few reminders for the week…

Open Shifts: We still have two shifts open: Tuesdays 8-10 am and  Thursdays 4-7 pm. Anyone? Anyone?

Sign out users:  If you see any logged in but unattended computers in the labs or on the floors, please sign the user out. The fastest way to do this is to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and click Sign Off. You can also sign off from the start menu, though that button can be harder to find. This helps us maintain student privacy and security.

Macbook Keyboard Covers: Always check the Macbooks for the orange keyboard cover before the patron leaves. Politely ask if they can wait while you check.

New Loading Money Flyer: The updated “Loading Money on Your Polycard for Printing” is on the PolyConnect Student Assistant Resources page in the “Flyers” section for you to access and make copies when needed. We hope to have the updated Classroom Technologies flyer soon!

Marker Kits: We now have all 25 of the Marker Kits ready for checkout.

ALMA System Issue on Sunday: A big thank you to the Student Assistants that had to deal with many issues on Sunday because ALMA would not come back up online. Every item that was unaccounted for, came back in on time! We will have a back up off-line program permanently put on the POCO checkout computers so if this happens again, we will be ready! I will get the procedure to switch to that program, should the need arise, and have it near the desk and on the PolyConnect Student Assistant Resources page.

Again, you are all doing a great job during a very busy time at POCO desk.

Thank you!

***LIT Service Ticket (Request tech support from LIT through service ticket)***

Past Weekly Email Blasts

Click here to find a document compiling old email blasts. Use it as a searchable document by using the Find tool:

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Computers + Software + Equipment + Labs

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One Button Studio + Virtual Meeting Room

FAQs + Common Errors

  • FAQ Page
  • Why did I get an error message when I tried to log in to a computer?

    • Error message: “Pharos: The username and password could not be authenticated against servers.”
      • This means you entered your user name or password incorrectly or that your Portal password is “out of sync” with an active directory password. The solution is to reset the password from the Portal (my.calpoly.edu) or contact Campus ITS at 805-756-7000 for help resetting your password.
    • Error message: “domaine is blocked” or the “account is locked.”
      • This usually means all computers in the library are locked. Alert a Computer Support Assistant (PolyConnect or Learning Commons desk) if you see this message. If this happens in the evening or on the weekend, users may have to wait until the account “unlocks itself” which may take up to 30 minutes.
    • Error message: “You cannot use this computer, you already have an active session on computer xx-xx-xx.”
      • This means that you are logged in to another computer in the library. Perhaps you did not log off earlier today and someone else is using your login. You can find that computer, ask the user to log off or find another non-PolyConnect computer and log in as a guest.

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Student Assistant Guide

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