How to Enter


Qualifying videos must

  • Be submitted by 5PM (PST) Monday, May 6, 2013
  • Have been created yourself or in collaboration with other Cal Poly Students enrolled spring quarter, 2013
  • Be no more than 1 minute in total running time
  • Be narrated or subtitled in English
  • No more than two entries per person

How to enter

All submissions must include an Official Entry Form and Release Agreement (.PDF).


  • All videos must be submitted in the .MOV or .WMV formats on a CD, which will not be returned.
  • Resolution should be 640 x 480 or higher.

For technical questions or assistance contact Patrick Kammermeyer at


You must be the original author of everything in your video or have permission to use copyright-protected material. So, while we want you to be creative, you need to be careful about what you include. If you're thinking about using existing music or images, keep in mind that someone else may own a copyright to that material. You'll need to get the copyright owner's permission to use it.

Submissions using non-licensed, copyrighted musical, visual, or literary properties without legal permission are ineligible. In addition, you must have signed consent from all people appearing in your video (See Entry Forms tab for Release Agreement).

No more than two entries per person. Students who work at Kennedy Library are ineligible.

What can others do with your work?

You may license certain rights to your video without giving up your copyright — for example by using a Creative Commons license. A Creative Commons notice accompanying your work specifies the rights conveyed to users, such as to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, provided attribution is given. Please visit the Creative Commons web site for more information about a creative commons license agreements.

Judging Criteria

An independent panel of judges from the Cal Poly community will select the winners from among all qualified entries. Videos will be judged on originality, creativity, effectiveness, relevance and clarity of pitch.

Winners will be announced Thursday, May 16 at 11am at a reception in the library's atrium.

The judges reserve the right not to award a prize.

The decision of the judges will be final.

Entry Forms

The Pitch Perfect 60-Second Video Competition requires two forms: the official entry form and the release agreement (you can download them below).

Each person who appears in the video must sign the personal image and voice release agreement. All materials should be submitted together: the video and the forms (2).

Remember, you must be the content creator of all video elements. Videos that violate copyright rules will be disqualified.

Download the forms