SLAC Photo Competition

Competition Information

Are you a photographer?

We are Cal Poly students, but we are so much more than just that! Our student body is composed of rich culture, diverse backgrounds, and we harness unique perspectives. It's your turn to show everyone what makes you the unique Cal Poly student that you are – the student behind the books, after class, and beyond study hours. Choose from one of the following categories to capture your definition of Cal Poly and submit to SLAC for a chance to display your work in the Library!

Photo Categories

From Cerro to the Sea
From the top of Bishops Peak to the farthest reach of the Pismo Pier - San Luis Obispo is nothing short of beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, please share with us what you find beautiful in the landscape spanning from Cerro to the Sea.

Living the SLO Life
You define your "SLO life" from the communities you belong to, the places you love, your nightlife, to your daytime excursions. We want to see SLO from your eyes. Show us the "SLO life" that you live.

How Do You Do?
As students we have been conditioned and encouraged to gain our education through a hands on approach by interacting with the world around us. We have been taught how to 'do', but now it's time for us to show Cal Poly exactly 'how we do'. Now is your chance to show Cal Poly "How Do You Do".


First place winners for each category will have their photos put on display in Kennedy Library for at least one year. Top photos and their submitters will also be displayed at an unveiling ceremony, where contest winners will be announced. Also, many additional awards will be given for overall best photos by SLAC and several Cal Poly celebrity guests. Several runner-up photos will also be chosen for display around Kennedy Library. Winners will be notified no later than May 9, 2013.


All entries must be submitted no later than April 8, 2013 by 2pm via the entry form on the last tab.

Photo Requirements

Photograph Requirements

  • Image format must be .jpg/.jpeg with 100% quality and no compression
  • A Raw format may be requested from you at a later time. Please ensure your camera produces a Raw image
  • Recommended aspect ratio is 4:3
  • Print size should be at minimum 24 inch by 18 inch
  • Resolution is preferred at 7200px by 5400px (smaller resolution accepted if print quality is acceptable)
  • Dots per inch (DPI) must be 300
  • Maximum file size is 15 MB
  • Photo submissions should follow the guidelines for public exhibits in the library
  • Multiple submissions for each category will be accepted from each participant