Submit your Senior Project

Senior projects created by Cal Poly students are submitted to Kennedy Library and become part of the library's collection. Senior projects provided to the Library are indexed in PolyCAT.

Beginning September 2009, senior projects are digitally deposited and made publicly available in the DigitalCommons@CalPoly, the University's repository for scholarship created by Cal Poly faculty and students. Please note that senior projects submitted to the library before September 2009 are only available on microfiche.

One-on-one assistance is available to help you upload your senior project to the DigitalCommons@CalPoly. Library's reference services can help you identify and locate senior projects in microfiche.

Students should consult with their faculty advisors on specific academic department policies and procedures.

The e-submitted senior project will temporarily reside in a restricted area and will not be viewable by the public until the Library has received a completed (advisor-signed) Senior Project Requirement Form. The Library will make the e-submitted senior project publicly available only after the Library receives the completed (advisor-signed) Senior Project Requirement Form.


How to Submit Your Senior Project to the Library
This outlines the steps you need to know to deposit your senior project.
Senior Project Information Packet [PDF]
This packet provides detailed upload instructions and procedural information to assist in the creation and upload of the senior project to the DigitalCommons@CalPoly.
Senior Project Requirement Form [PDF]
This form should be filled out and signed by the student and advisor. Additional signatures may be required by your department.
Title Page Template [DOC]
A title page template is available for easy formatting of the first page of the senior project.
7 Steps to Submitting Your Project [PDF]
Summary of submission steps and frequently asked questions


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