Find a Senior Project

All Senior Projects submitted to Kennedy Library can be found through PolyCat, our online catalog. Senior Projects submitted before Fall 2009 are on microfiche; those after Fall 2009 are housed digitally and can be easily viewed and downloaded online.

Finding Senior Projects in PolyCat

  1. Go to PolyCat
  2. Select the Senior Project tab (located above the search box)
  3. Do one of the following types of searches, based on what you need:
    • Basic Search
      Enter words from the title, author, topic, faculty advisor, or department name.
    • Department Search
      Choose the ADVANCED SEARCH tab, then select "Title" from the drop down menu, and enter senior project--department, where "department" is the name of the department (Liberal Studies, Art and Design, etc.). You will get a complete list, with the most recent projects listed first.
    • Digital Copies
      Senior Projects completed after summer 2009 are available only in electronic form, via links in PolyCat and in DigitalCommons@CalPoly.

Policies on Submitting and Accessing Senior Projects

Currently, there are no university-wide policies for submitting or accessing Senior Projects. All students are invited to submit their Senior Projects to Kennedy Library in order to be cataloged in the library's collection. However, less than 25% of students sumbit their Senior Projects to the library.

If the Senior Project you are looking for is not listed in PolyCat, please contact the college or specific department it was originally submitted to.

Want to browse Senior Projects?

It's easy to browse Senior Projects submitted after Summer 2009 in Digital Commons. Senior Projects submited before that time are in microfiche format, not accesible by computer.