Digital Scholarship Archiving Services

DigitalCommons@CalPoly promotes discovery, research, cross-disciplinary collaboration and instruction by collecting, preserving and providing access to scholarly work created at Cal Poly. The repository also provides access to relevant documents created by administrative offices, departments and programs at Cal Poly. Members of the Cal Poly academic community are invited to contribute completed scholarship for long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility through the DigitalCommons.

Information for Cal Poly Faculty

To contribute your content to the DigitalCommons@CalPoly, please download and sign the DigitalCommons non-exclusive license. Send the signed copy of the license along with your list of publications to:

Michele Wyngard
Digital Repository Coordinator
Robert E. Kennedy Library, Rm 103
Phone: (805) 756-2315

Information for Cal Poly Students

Senior Projects, Master's Theses, Graduate Internship Reports and other student scholarship is digitally collected by various constituents on campus, utilizing the DigitalCommons@CalPoly tools. Questions should be addressed to the campus contacts below.

Project Type Name Dept Phone
Senior Projects Michele Wyngard Kennedy Library (805) 756-2315
Master's Theses Meredith Rubin Graduate Education (805) 756-2328
Graduate Internship Reports
in Ag Education
Bill Kellogg Ag Education and Communication Department (805) 756-2803
STAR Program Research Posters Bryan Rebar STAR Program (805) 756-2859

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