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Team Kennedy Library scores the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award

Kennedy Library is the 2014 winner of the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. Are we excited? We certainly are.

For those who may not know, ACRL grants this award to libraries that strive towards the university’s mission as a team. Kennedy Library’s application showcased the many players involved in the “open, inclusive, and connected” dynamic between staff, faculty, and students.

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You define the ultimate library experience

 This post is written by Andrew Bui, Student Library Advisory Council. 

Nerd alert: I really like the library. Not only during times of sheer crisis, such as the requisite, “Holy crap I have a midterm tomorrow” moment, but also during those two hour breaks on a Tuesday, when I can’t think of anything better to do but escape into the atrium and accomplish errands (read: browse BuzzFeed) while aimlessly watching life happen four floors above me.

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Love at first study with Lauren Young

This is the first post in a series by Lauren Young, fourth year biology student, LibRAT and chair of SLAC (more on those acronyms below!). Lauren will be (meta)blogging about how she is working this year to combine her love of science and writing, in her preparations for a career in science communication. These preparations intersect with her deep involvement with and many valuable contributions to Kennedy Library.

Love at First Study

It’s a running joke with my friends that Kennedy Library is my second home. Since freshman year, one of my favorite things to do is discover new nooks and crannies for studying in the five-story building.

What can I say? It was love at first study.

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Kennedy Library showcases student art with “This is Poly” photo competition

Talented students are leaving their mark at Kennedy Library with the “This is Poly” photo competition, hosted by SLAC, the Student Library Advisory Council.

The competition was proposed to generate new photography for Kennedy Library’s walls, as well as showcase students’ view of the SLO life, said associate university librarian Sarah Faye Cohen. Students submitted to three categories, “From Cerro to Sea,” “SLO Life,” and “How Do You Do?” which covered the local landscape, day-to-day activities, and Cal Poly’s Learn-by-Doing philosophy.

Winners were unveiled Friday, May 10 at a reception in the downstairs gallery. I couldn’t be more excited to see the breathtaking pictures go up around the library this summer!

The photos from our reception are up on Flickr.

Dear Library, a photographic then and now

One recent Thursday afternoon the Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) visited Special Collections and University Archives on the fourth floor to view historic campus photos. There they found images of Kennedy Library 1980s-style along with the old library at Dexter. You can see the many styles of yesteryear in University Archives, as they have images of campus from 1901 to the late 1980s.

Photo of Dexter Library 1948 and today; Historic image (1948) courtesy University ArchivesYesterday and today
According to SLAC Co-advisor Jesse Vestermark the group (especially the coziness committee) had been playing with the idea of a “yesterday and today” type of photo project to help decorate the library’s walls for a couple of months.

“We were scheduled for a year-end behind-the-scenes visit to Special Collections,” Jesse said. “I mentioned the “yesterday-and-today” interest to Cate (Trujillo) and Laura (Sorvetti) and they came up with the great idea of doing a library-based activity with the library as the subject.”

The students were given reproductions of the originals to scout current locations around the library and campus to craft the “Dear Library” series.

Photo of the stacks in Kennedy Library in 1985 and today; Historic image (1985) courtesy University Archives
More images through the years
You can also see Cal Poly through the years by browsing El Rodeo and The Polytechnic Journal.

Historic images courtesy University Archives: 1) Kennedy Library in 1980 (top), 2) Dexter Library in 1948, 3) Kennedy Library stacks in 1985 and 4) Kennedy Library patio in 1985 (below).

More about SLAC.
Visit Special Collections and University Archives.

Photo of the patio in Kennedy Library in 1985 and today; Historic image (1985) courtesy University Archives

– Karen Lauritsen