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Written by Tyler Deitz four years ago

The history of fun reading

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This is a guest post by Kristen Thorp, the Student Assistant Coordinator for Access Services. In her spare time she manages the library’s Good Reads collection. She’s excited to receive her MLIS in June. Good Reads are just that: good

Written by Karen Lauritsen five years ago

Discovering the outside room

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This is the story of when the Cappy Culver Elementary 4th graders in Anna Mumford’s class came to visit Kennedy Library. It’s excerpted from emails with Kristen Thorp, who essentially “wrote” this story by planning their visit. She, together with

Written by Karen Lauritsen five years ago

A contemporary fiction junkie

Photo of books on a cart by Kennedy Library on Flickr

At Kennedy Library you can find plenty of people who love books (regardless of their form). What’s not to love? Jan Kline, who works in the Acquisitions Department, is one of those people. She keeps a blog of book reviews