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Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Data Studio celebrates one year pioneering the data frontier

A woman in a red dress and a man in khaki stand facing a TV monitor. Another woman in a purple shirt stands in front of the monitor, pointing to the screen and explaining to them. The screen is at an angle so its contents aren't visible.

Cal Poly’s Data Studio celebrated one year since its grand opening at its second annual Data Studio Open House on Friday, May 3. The Data Studio, which helps students pursue data-based research projects, hosted data expert Dr. Melissa Cragin and

Written by Karen Lauritsen five years ago

Lab-O-Rama: Teachers and librarians and school supplies, OH MY!

Photo of teacher at Lab-O-Rama

As a Cal Poly student, I’m pretty accustomed to seeing teachers out and about on campus. The last thing I expected to see, though, when I walked into Kennedy Library’s lobby last Tuesday was my little brother’s fourth grade teacher.