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Proud to be named Faculty-Staff Ally of the Year

The people of Kennedy Library were thrilled to be honored at Lavender Commencement as Cal Poly’s Faculty-Staff Ally of the Year! It’s a very meaningful honor. We thank the Pride Center, our powerful partners, for such a generous and thoughtful recognition.

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This Veterans Day, Kennedy Library thanks you

At the top of the stairs, on the busy second floor landing, are posters covered in notes like: “Thank you for your service,” and “YOU ROCK!” The library intends to give the posters to the Cal Poly Veterans Club next week.

Students, faculty and staff have covered the posters in messages of gratitude for Veterans Day. The display is part of outreach by Kennedy Library’s new committee on supporting diversity, Kennedy Inclusive Culture Committee (KICC).

Along with seeing the board covered in thank you notes, veterans can also receive a free cup of coffee from Julian’s Patisserie.

“This is Kennedy Library’s opportunity to thank veterans for their service,” said Peter Runge, the Head of Special Collections and University Archives and a member of KICC. “It’s a small token of appreciation for a huge sacrifice.”

The committee developed the idea after Peter overheard several people thanking a pair of servicemembers in uniform while having lunch. After many people stopped to say, “Thank you for your service,” one servicemember turned to the other and said, “I never get tired of hearing that.”

The encounter inspired KICC to offer their own thanks. KICC also hopes that the actions will welcome student veterans to the library.

In addition, the library is decorating memorial plaques on the first floor with ribbon. “We want to acknowledge, celebrate and support our veterans,” Peter said.

Victoria Billings