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Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Kinesiology and Kennedy

A woman with long hair and a blue, black and white top stands in front of a poster proposing a kinesiology research project. She is talking to a blonde woman standing in the foreground with her back to the camera.

A newly renovated first floor gallery means that I get to be privy to new and exciting ideas almost constantly. In January, it was the 2nd year architecture students’ Julia Morgan-inspired projects. For the last several weeks, it has been

Written by Karen Lauritsen five years ago

On Foot! Adventures in city planning

Photo from On Foot! Science Cafe

The found objects included scraps of paper, foam hair curlers and plastic dinosaurs. The task? To build an ideal city using these disparate objects. With minimal instruction to encourage creative thinking, 140 people began building. They stood around tables in