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Gumby studies at Kennedy Library

Here is an excerpt of a delightful work email: We had a pretty exciting celebrity sighting today at Kennedy Library. Gumby was here… Gumby obviously takes the 25-35 rule quite seriously. He was seen studying in the atrium, perusing today’s papers and patiently waiting in line at Julian’s. Also, to his credit, he was seen encouraging his fellow students to continue their studious efforts. Thanks for supporting academic excellence, Gumby!

You can see photos of Gumby’s visit on our Flickr page.

- Marya

p.s. for those new to the the Cal Poly campus, coincidentally, Gumby’s creator, Art Clokey, was a long-time SLO County resident until he passed away last year.

I was certain that Marya had an inside scoop on Gumby. How else was she able to document his study time in the library?

Nope, turns out that Tim looked out his office window into the atrium, saw Gumby, called Marya to the scene with her awesome photography skills, Marya got a shot from the fifth floor before running down to the atrium only to discover Gumby was gone — then rediscovering him in line for coffee.

Now if only Pokey would visit…

- KL