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Call for Papers! Publishing new student journal of science and math

Back in the fall, I wrote a post about a new student-run and student-written academic journal I was about to start, called Symposium: Student Journal of Science and Math. At that time, we had the initial design by our Branding Director Natalie Rich and the idea to create an outlet that promotes scientific discussion and research among students of the College of Science and Math (COSAM). Now we’re in full swing!

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Be a part of it! Launching new science and math student journal

This post is written by Lauren Young, fourth year biology student, LibRAT and chair of SLAC. Lauren will be (meta)blogging about how she is working this year to combine her love of science and writing, in her preparations for a career in science communication. These preparations intersect with her deep involvement with and many valuable contributions to Kennedy Library.

Since June, I have been collaborating with Digital Scholarship Services Librarian Marisa Ramirez and professors of the College of Science of Mathematics (COSAM) on an exciting new project called Symposium: Student Journal of Science and Mathematics.

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