Out Loud  / Catherine Trujillo

Written by Rachel Scott three years ago

Objects of Affection: Looking at the Diverse History of the Central Coast

Through stories, pictures, songs, performances, love letters and a rich family history, Objects of Affection shows us what life was like for diverse families on the Central Coast. The “Objects of Affection” exhibit draws upon the personal papers of families

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Library staff member’s new role: Curating campus art

Photo of Cate and Vanessa in the Kennedy Library atrium

The Provost has established a new campus-wide position that will assist in the coordination and stewardship of campus fine art collections. The art collections at Cal Poly have significantly grown over the two past decades and this is an important

Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

A Window to the Past

A photo of two windows, decorated with black and white photos of student groups. The green awnings above them say "Cal Poly" and "University Store." A women in a green sweater is walking by the photos.

People walking through the UU Plaza can take a little trip into Cal Poly’s past with the University Store’s historic window displays. Smiling women strum ukuleles, cheerleaders rally the Mustang spirit, engineers labor over an airplane and Amelia Earhart smiles