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Written by Tyler Deitz six months ago

Dancing together from 0 to 31: Art + Computer Science = Learning

Binary Dance illustrations.

What is the benefit of educational games? How do art and computer science interact? And most importantly, what is “the binary dance?” Pete Hawkes, our Cal Poly Science Cafe guest at the second annual San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire on

Written by Tyler Deitz six months ago

How Kennedy Library helps you save money

Kennedy Library

No longer will you break the bank buying an expensive textbook that you kinda-sorta used in that one GE class. No longer will you have to sell back that $150 biology textbook only to receive a fraction of what you

Written by Karen Lauritsen six months ago

Student input is key in reimagining Kennedy Library

SLAC Photo Competition Reception

This post is written by Andrew Bui, Student Library Advisory Council. As a member of the Student Library Advisory Council, I’ve had amazing opportunities to collaborate with library administration about how we experience Kennedy Library. Being  someone who admittedly, (and

Written by Karen Lauritsen six months ago

Outstanding student employee of the year nominees and winner!

Lauren accepting award

Cal Poly’s Outstanding Student Employee of the Year awards reception was held last week. Among the nominees were three students from Kennedy Library — Ben Kieffer, Matt Rice and Lauren Young, who was named second runner up!

Written by Laura Sorvetti six months ago

From Farmers’ Picnic to Open House – A look back at a Cal Poly tradition

Billboard on Monterey Street welcomes campus visitors to Poly Royal, 1963 (University Archives Photograph Collection, University Archives)

The history of Open House, one of Cal Poly’s largest annual events, spans as far back as 1904. We’ve digitally gathered some of the records that tell its history from University Archives to share with you.

Written by Lauren Young six months ago

Call for Papers! Publishing new student journal of science and math

Call for papers

Back in the fall, I wrote a post about a new student-run and student-written academic journal I was about to start, called Symposium: Student Journal of Science and Math. At that time, we had the initial design by our Branding

Written by Derrick Usher six months ago

Discoveries in the Jack Family Papers: Some things change and some things don’t

A telegram from R.E. Jack, Jr. to his mother Nellie Jack, 1899 (Jack Family Papers, Special Collections, California Polytechnic State University, 014_spc_000026)

Derrick Usher is a communication studies major (Fall ’14) completing an internship in Special Collections and Archives. He is working on a project to organize the papers of the Jack Family of San Luis Obispo. This is the third in

Written by Tyler Deitz six months ago

Envisioning a library of the future with students in ARCH 353

A future library envisioned by Claire Joseph.

This post is written by Jesse Vestermark, Architecture and Environmental Design Librarian. Featured image: A future library envisioned by Claire Joseph. In December 2013, I received and unusual request from Professor Richard Beller, an Architecture faculty member I have worked

Written by Soquel Filice seven months ago

“Coeds” on Campus: The Power of Language, Discrimination, and Integration

This post is written by Soquel Filice (HIST ’15), a Student Assistant in Special Collections and Archives. This is the third and final post in a series she wrote about the history of women at Cal Poly for Women’s History

Written by Alex Thomas seven months ago

Mustang Basketball – A History of Excellence

This post is written by Alex Thomas (HIST ’16), a Student Assistant in Special Collections and Archives (you can see more of Alex’s work here and here). Alex writes today about the Cal Poly Men’s Basketball Team’s past history and