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Top 7 Best/Worst Things About Graduating

June 2013 is officially here, and that means the day I’ve been dreading expecting avoiding eagerly anticipating is finally here: graduation.

Obviously, I’ve got some mixed feelings. This is a huge step into the next stage of any young adult’s life. It’s like going from adult life with the training wheels still on to full-fledged grown-up individual. My heart is doing little backflips right now just thinking about commencement, and I’ve still got two weeks to freak out about it.

So, on the threshold of the next stage, my boss asked me to write about the graduating experience. All I could think was, “AAAAAAAaaaaaahhh!”

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Arcadia, by Lauren Groff

This book should quickly clear up any romantic notions you might have about how idyllic it might have been to live on a commune in the 60s. True, it’s fiction, but the numerous ways it could go wrong (winter, infidelity, bad parenting, rock star egos, and outhouses, to name but a few) are so convincingly portrayed that I found myself searching the author’s bio to see if she might have done time in one herself.
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Your meditative study break of the day



Librarian recognized for helping freshman live and learn

University Housing recognized Katherine O’Clair, the librarian for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science (CAFES), as an outstanding faculty member for her work with the Living Learning Program.

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Matchmaker: Finding your literary soul mate

This is a guest post by Kristen Thorp, the Student Assistant Coordinator for Access Services. In her spare time she manages the library’s Good Reads collection. She’s excited to receive her MLIS in June.

Remember video stores?

For those who may not, movies used to be acquired by driving to physical, brick and mortar stores in the neighborhood in order to borrow the hottest releases at a hefty cost per VHS tape. You would keep the movie for a set amount of days and then you had to drive back to the store to return it. What a pain!

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The Cielo Project: Inspiration

Look up this summer and daydream!

The Cielo Project is a ceiling sculpture by Jeff Ponitz, assistant professor of architecture at Cal Poly, to be installed this summer near Julian’s Patisserie in Kennedy Library. Cielo is both a beautiful and functional solution to the acoustic issues on that part of the second floor, a popular collaborative space.

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The love song of Jonny Valentine, by Teddy Wayne

If you’d told me I’d like a novel narrated by a Justin Bieberesque 11-year-old pop star, I would have called you nuts. But I found this tragicomic novel by Teddy Wayne, author of 2011′s Kapitoil, very affecting.

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