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Archive for September, 2012

I Against I (episode 9)


This episode 9 of 12.

In Episode 9 “I Against I,” Kristen and I discuss books on ALA’s Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of 2000-2009 that have been challenged for racism, specifically racist language and/or negative stereotypes of race. Read more

Let’s talk about sex (episode 8)



This is episode 8 of 12.

In Episode 8 “Let’s Talk About Sex,” Kristen and I discuss books on ALA’s Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of 2000-2009 that have been challenged for sexual content. Read more

Judy Blume eyes (episode 7)


Happy Banned Books Week, everyone!

This is episode 7 of 12.

In episode 7 “Judy Blume Eyes,” Kristen and I cover the first lady of anticensorship, Ms. Judy Blume, and the four books of hers that appear on ALA’s Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of 2000-2009. Read more

Time of your life (episode 6)


This is episode 6 of 12.

Forget breaking up, growing up is what’s really hard to do.  Of course, if we could bound gracefully into adulthood, what fun would that be?  I much prefer this world where we sputter our way into adulthood in ungainly fits and starts. Read more

Getting to know you, Stephen Chbosky (episode 5)


This is episode 5 of 12…aka the coolest episode!!!

Why, you ask?  Because Kristen and I got to interview author Stephen Chbosky about his book The Perks of Being a Wallflower! Read more

Tearjerker (episode 4)


This is episode 4 of 12.

In episode 4 “Tearjerker,” Kristen and I discuss books on ALA’s Top 100 Banned and Challenged Books of 2000-2009 that made us cry.  I love books that can elicit a strong emotion from me, whether that emotion is joy, hope, sorrow, anger, etc.  Read more

Kennedy Library expands eBook collection for Cal Poly

Kennedy Library recently purchased over 16,000 new scholarly eBooks to meet the growing demand for eBooks and advance its goal of expanding electronic access for all disciplines.

Tim Strawn, director of information resources and archives, worked closely with college librarians last year to select eBooks for the six colleges and their subject areas.

Supporting the Cal Poly curriculum

In addition to selecting individual titles of interest to each college, the library purchased several large collections with broad disciplinary coverage. “This hybrid approach meant that librarians could strengthen support for important scholarly trends, such as green building technology, while also adding eBook content that supports the entire Cal Poly curriculum,” said Strawn.

In addition, researchers using certain platforms (SpringerCRCCABI) can find both eBook and ejournal content using a single search interface, since the library also subscribes to ejournal and database content from these publishers.

“As one of the first institutions in the Cal State System to purchase Springer eBooks, Kennedy Library is granting their users access to thousands of new textbooks, major reference works, book series and monographs from the world’s leading STM eBook publisher,” said David Celano, the vice president of library sales at Springer US.

“Ease of use sets Springer’s eBooks apart from others – featuring no Digital Rights Management, unlimited concurrent users, compatibility with eReaders and the option of Springer’s unique Print on Demand service” Celano said.

New Kennedy Library eBook collection highlights include:

  • Perpetual access to over 8,000 science, technology and medicine titles published by Springer between 2010-2012 that span twelve collections including biomedicine, business, chemistry, engineering, physics, computer science and architecture
  • Nearly 900 eBook titles in archeology and anthropology, film, theatre and performing arts and history from the Project MUSE-UPCC (University Press eBook Consortium), published between 2010-2012
  • Over 575 titles for agriculture, plant sciences, veterinary sciences, environmental science, food, nutrition, and tourism from CABI (Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International)
  • The complete 2012 eBook collections for clean technology and industrial engineering published by CRC, another leading scientific and technical publisher