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Hypersonic Speeds!

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Will you be going to space soon? You can if you want (and have the savings for a ticket), because the technology is there and Richard Branson is selling tickets through Virgin Galactic. If you wonder how it’s possible for us regular folk to fly to the edge of space and back, join us for the next Cal Poly Science Cafe with Dr. Dianne DeTurris.

Professor DeTurris specializes in propulsion and high-speed aerodynamics and her enthusiasm for all things space is readily apparent when you meet her. She will explain the technology that is enabling this newly expanded access to the frontier as well as her recent research. You can digest the new technology along with coffee and pastries on Wednesday, January 11 from 11am – 12:30pm. We’ll be on the second floor of the library in the cafe lounge near Julian’s.

Free. All are welcome.

Update: To listen to the podcast of this event, go to our podcasts page.

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– Karen