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Help decide how you want the Kennedy Library to look!

As the Kennedy Library’s renovation plans continue to move forward, we still need the feedback from the Cal Poly community. BNIM and brightspot strategy have laid out three main design concepts, each with a different vision for the layout of the future library. Please take a look at these design concepts, and help determine what you believe would best suit student, faculty and staff needs. You can submit feedback at https://renovation.lib.calpoly.edu/design-concepts/


To update the library’s existing infrastructure, BNIM and brightspot strategy have analyzed the current structure of the library to determine how to best renovate it and maximize space for student use.

As a result, all of the designed concepts for the new library have proposed an update to the courtyard, the removal of the main stairs, and the introduction of new stairs to the courtyard. This will effectively create the most amount of usable space for all library purposes.

As we lay out the proposed design concepts for you, keep in mind that they all differ primarily in their placement of library resources throughout the building. With your feedback, we hope to determine where to best place these resources. It’s like building with Legos!

Design Concept 1

  • The 1st floor will be opened up, so students can enter the library from more than one side of the building. On this level, the front desk and “high density shelving” for special collections will be found.
  • Classrooms will be stacked vertically on the 2nd through 4th floor, with Non-library Partners located adjacent to these classrooms on the 2nd through 3rd floor.
  • A staff “home base” will be created and placed on the 3rd through 5th floor
  • Bookshelves and study areas will be dispersed on the north side of the building on the 2nd through 5th floor
  • Special collections will be moved to the 4th and 5th floor

Design Concept 2

  • The 1st floor will still be opened up, and serve as the home for “high density shelving” for special collections
  • Classrooms will be placed close to each other on the 1st and 2nd floor, with Non-library partners adjacent to classrooms on the 2nd floor
  • The proposed staff “home base” will be placed on the 2nd and 3rd floor
  • Bookshelves will be placed on levels 2 through 5 visible to the atrium
  • Special collections will be scattered around the 1st through 4th floors

Design Concept 3

  • Again, opening up of the 1st floor and housing of special collections materials
  • Classrooms will all be placed on the 5th floor, with all non-library partners adjacent to the classrooms on the same floor
  • The staff home base will be stacked on the 2nd through 4th floor
  • Bookshelves placed entirely on 3rd floor, active study on the 2nd floor, and quiet study on the 4th floor
  • Special collections will be placed on the 1st through 3rd floor

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