Written by on November 4, 2016

Introducing Hub24: Improved service space supporting students’ digital needs

Years of survey data showed a strong student need for more access to 24-hour spaces and group study rooms. In response, the Student Success Fee Committee voted unanimously to allocate $500,000 to improve Kennedy Library’s study spaces. We are maximizing the impact of their generous support by creating Hub 24: the Digital Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Hub.

In addition to doubling the 24-hour space and adding four new study rooms, Hub 24 will expand service offerings to meet the growing student body’s ever-evolving needs.  A new virtual meeting room will be available for students’ remote interviews, adjacent to the One Button Studio where students can rehearse and record video presentations. The entire space offers updated computers with dual displays and a wide range of campus software through a cloud-based virtual desktop interface. Hub 24 would be incomplete without a welcoming design, so we added new carpet and mixed-use furniture to accommodate both efficient task work and comfortable relaxation.

Expanding our services means new opportunities for the staff and students providing them. New student assistant positions will support the Hub Desk, where students can find help with big data and data visualization software. Similar to the established LibRAT program, student assistants will be trained to assist their peers, developing leadership and communications skills valued by employers.

Moving forward, we will continually seek opportunities to expand Hub 24’s offerings even further. Several campus partners, including CENG and CIE, are working to relocate the CIE’s Innovation Sandbox into the library’s first floor. We are excited to see what additional possibilities develop in the future.

Save the Date: November 9  Grand Opening Ceremony for Hub 24

For more information on supporting Hub 24’s student opportunities, visit our page for reimagining the library.

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