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Student assistants of the library: Alex Georges

This post is written in collaboration with Lauren Young, LibRAT and Kennedy Library Out Loud contributor.

Making more than 600 master theses searchable through the library’s online cataloging database, PolyCat, may sound difficult and complicated. But, for Alex Georges, student assistant for library-monographs, this all a part of what makes his position unique. In addition to cataloging recently submitted and past alumni’s master theses, Alex sorts through incoming mail and processes new books and gift orders.

Everything I do is needed and keeps the library functioning, Alex said.

“The ‘coolest’ project I ever have had the pleasure of working on was when we brought in the collection of first-edition trade paperbacks for a large selection of comic books, including Captain America, X-men, and a few others. That was really awesome,” Alex said.

Work skills translate into school skills

Alex is a graduate student in bio-medical engineering, and his job at Kennedy Library teaches him some valuable skills that have helped him in his classes.

Some of the books that Alex handles.

Some of the books that Alex catalogs on PolyCat.

“Database searching through PolyCat has been helpful on more than one research assignment,” he said.

Work skills translate into job skills

Working at the library has helped Alex develop his professional skills. He has been working at the library for about 3 years, which has helped him set up a solid history of employment.

“I’m confident that my work quality and work ethic at the library have been much appreciated by my supervisor and co-workers,” Alex said. Their recommendations have helped him land a co-op position in the past; Alex was a quality engineer for Neutrogena.

He also hopes that his experience with databases will help him start a career in database management for larger companies.

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