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Celebrating Kennedy Library’s ACRL Award

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) named Cal Poly’s Robert E. Kennedy Library as a recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. In other words, Kennedy Library was picked as the best university library out of all who applied. Click here to read the award-winning application.

Of course winning an award as huge as this one comes with a huge celebration to match! The library celebrated this prestigious award for a few days last week.

Award reception (and fire alarm testing)

The biggest celebration happened this past Friday, May 2, when the library received the award from the ACRL.

Trevor, Anna and John at the ACRL Award Reception.

Trevor, Anna and John at the ACRL Award Reception.

ACRL President Trevor Dawes and VP of US Sales of YBP John Elliott traveled from out of town to present the award to University Librarian Anna Gold on behalf of library staff, faculty and student assistants. University President Jeffrey Armstrong gave remarks and Cal Poly alum, Kennedy Library donors and more joined together on the hot day to celebrate.

“No award can be more meaningful than this recognition. I hope that we are able to build on this excellence for years to come,” said Anna.

This award is tangible recognition of the outstanding work that the Kennedy Library does, Trevor said during his speech.

And for John, this award was more than just a professional appreciation for Kennedy Library. John grew up in Santa Maria, not far from Cal Poly. Kennedy Library was the first academic library he ever visited as a kid, and the library has a special meaning for him.

For added excitement, right in the middle of Trevor’s speech, the fire alarm went off! But an obnoxious fire alarm didn’t deter the nation’s finest academic library from celebrating the award. Everyone exited the building, and the awards ceremony went on outside (it was kind of nice to celebrate outside in the fresh air).

Glen Beebe speaking at the lunch.

Glen Beebe speaking at the lunch.

Student appreciation lunch

The day before, the cafe area on the second floor of the library was alive with sound of students and staff mingling and the delicious smell of lunch, catered by Petra. As part of the celebration, this lunch was offered to show the library’s appreciation for all the students who worked to help the library achieve this amazing award.

University Librarian Anna Gold thanked all the students for their hard work. She also recognized all the graduating seniors with a certificate and a book of their choice dedicated in their name.

Glen Beebe, graduating senior and LIT student assistant, spoke at the lunch about his experience as a student assistant in the library. Glen has been working at Kennedy Library in Library Information Technology (LIT) for 3 years. Glen was named Cal Poly’s top student employee out of 49 nominees from across campus in 2013. He even won the Northern California Region and Western Regional section from the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators!

The library employs many students who get to work on many different things.

Student assistant series

To showcase all of the wonderful students who work here at Kennedy Library, Lauren Young and I have created a new series. This series shows off students’ many talents and how they help the library function. Check out the inaugural post here.

To be a part of this library is something that is very important to me. I could not succeed at Cal Poly without the resources that the library provides, everything from the course reserves to the help from the staff and faculty. I love Kennedy Library, and I am so excited that it’s being recognized for its excellence!

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