2013 San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire

Written by on April 15, 2014

Project learning with liberal arts and engineering students

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES) 301/302 Project Learning class, taught by Grace Yeh and Michael Haungs, and held in a computer lab here at Kennedy Library. Students gave their proposal presentations for supporting both the San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire and our upcoming spring exhibit, called Objects of Affection.

Student presentations

The San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire celebrates making and doing of all kinds, and this is the second year LAES students have had a key role in informing the experience. Yesterday’s presentations focused on four areas that are designed to support the faire and exhibit, both: 1) documentation and media, 2) objects, 3) structure, and 4) A/V. The teams presented their ideas to Grace Yeh, Catherine Trujillo, Jane Lehr and Michael Haungs.

The idea is that these four student teams will support one another and the projects to create a cohesive experience for those who attend. The objects team is developing key components for the exhibit design and the structure team is developing, together with architecture students, a structure for the mini maker faire that will attract people to interact and share their stories.

Exhibits partnership

Objects of Affection opens the following week on May 12, in the learning commons on the second floor at Kennedy Library. Both the faire and the exhibit aim to bring people together to share stories.

The exhibit draws upon the personal papers of families featured in the Re/Collecting Project, an online archive and ethnic studies memory project featuring the people of California’s Central Coast, and directed by Grace Yeh, associate professor of ethnic studies at Cal Poly. Through stories, photographs, letters, songs, and performances, Objects of Affection explores the intimate lives of those within our diverse community. The exhibit shows the powerful ways people can forge rich community bonds and friendships in response to social and legal exclusion.

Opening reception for the exhibit is May 23, 3-5PM in Kennedy Library.

SLOMMF is May 10

There are obviously a lot of moving parts for both the exhibit and the faire, an event that will attract thousands of community members to Mission Plaza, and that involves many partners, including the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, iFixit, Cuesta College and more.

Cal Poly Science Cafe, our interactive public program will be there, too! We’re bringing interactive designer Pete Hawkes to the stage for several Binary Dance performances throughout the day. Look for an interview with Pete Hawkes previewing his project on this blog soon.

This year’s San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire is Saturday, May 10, 11am-3pm in Mission Plaza. See you there!

Photo: Last year’s LAES student structure at the San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire.



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