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Written by on April 24, 2014

How Kennedy Library helps you save money

No longer will you break the bank buying an expensive textbook that you kinda-sorta used in that one GE class. No longer will you have to sell back that $150 biology textbook only to receive a fraction of what you paid for it. And no longer will you have to ogle at your friend’s iPad, wishing it were yours. This is all thanks to Kennedy Library’s dedication to affordable learning.

We all know that Kennedy Library is a great study space, but it has so much more to offer. A way that the library helps us out as students is by having affordable options so that we don’t have to choose between successful learning or staying within our budget.

PolyConnect access

With PolyConnect, you have access to various equipment rentals, access to desktop computers, and more! All you have to do is bring your PolyCard to the first floor computer lab (where PolyConnect is located) to rent or just enter look for an empty desktop computer. The best thing about the desktop computers and the laptop rentals is that they have expensive programs installed on them, like Adobe Photoshop.

You can even rent out an iPad from PolyConnect! The rentals come in two flavors: 3 hour rental or a 3 day rental.

For a full list of services and equipment rentals, check out the website.

Course reserves

Kennedy Library has a huge reserve of textbooks that students can check out for a few hours at a time. Like with PolyConnect, all you need to do is bring your PolyCard to the front desk on the first floor for access to free textbooks.

The only downside to this is that the books do not just magically appear; professors have to put their textbooks on hold with the library. However, most professors are more than willing to put their textbook in the library (if they haven’t already) if you just ask them.

Some of the many resources Kennedy Library offers.

Some of the many resources Kennedy Library offers.


Open Access to Textbooks (OATS) is a movement that Kennedy Library launched at the beginning of this year. The OATS movement aims to bring you, as Cal Poly students, access to textbooks and supplementary materials. Read more about OATS in a story by Lauren Young: LibRAT tips and tricks for saving money.

Then, head on over to room 111 on the first floor for access to more than 150 study materials and textbooks!

Scholarly works, journal articles and research help

Using the Kennedy Library website, you have access to thousands of journals articles, peer reviewed articles and other research. In addition to the scholarly works, you also have a team of students called the LibRATS to help you with your research needs. The LibRATS are trained by the librarians and are experts on researching through Kennedy Library’s vast database. Their research help is 100% free and they would love to help with your next research project!

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